The viral videos of Kyoto’s Kichi Kichi instilled a new-found interest in Japanese Omu Rice, so much so that the dish has become instagrammable. Or boomerang-able. (You can also try Taimeiken if you are in Tokyo.)

OMU which specialises in Japanese Omurice has opened at the West Wing of Suntec City, near the H&M side, a short walk from Esplanade MRT exit.

I believe this restaurant would get Singaporeans slightly excited during the opening days.

Slice, flip apart, flow.

Interesting, OMU the restaurant did not originate from Japan, but Thailand instead. It was established in 2010, with 6 branches across Bangkok (Parklane Mall Ekkamai, Central World, Silom Complex).

“Omu” refers to “omuretsu” which is omelette in Japanese.

Each Omurice comes with with tomato fried rice with sautéed chicken and mushroom or butter fried rice (depending on what sauce you order) wrapped within.

There are 5 different sauces to choose from – Tomato, Demiglace, Curry, Cream or Japanese, with choice of accompanying ingredients such as chicken cutlet, cream croquette, sausages and seafood.

First things first, the wait can be very long. It took me 35 – 40 minutes to get a table even though I was 3rd in line, and the restaurant wasn’t THAT crowded.

Food took long to come as well, with some online reviews stating the wait was about an hour.

When my friend asked the service staff, he shared that there was only one chef who could cook the lava omelette as it required a level of skills Sodesu-ne. (Does not mean this chef cannot take MC, or even go for too long a toilet break?)

The same friend quipped, “How to turn around fast enough to earn money?”

The price point of the Omelette items was quite comfortable, from about $9.80 for a basic Tomato Sauce Omelette to $14.80 for a Demiglace Sauce Omurice with Pork Cutlet.

However, you have to add $2 for a “Lava Style Omelette”. In Bangkok, it was 20 baht.

When the plates of Omurice arrived, the manager came with a knife and sliced all of them quite beautiful.

One stroke down, and half of the egg flipped opened to reveal the creamy inside, the other half stuck as it was blocked by the meat pieces.

The egg part was like what I imagined – creamy, almost scrambled like, runny and fluffy.

However, the other parts were more lacklustre. The pork cutlet pieces were dry and tough, and the rice wasn’t exactly hot or fragrant considered it was tomato fried.

Without the gimmicky lava part, some of the omu curry rice elsewhere would have fared better in the taste factor.

OMU is likely to attract much social media attention as it is the first in Singapore to offer such lava Omurice.

However, do be prepared to bear with the wait and hopefully they will get the kitchen operations all settled out soon.

OMU Singapore
3 Temasek Boulevard #01-301A/301B West Wing, Suntec City Singapore 038983
Tel: +65 98340079
Opening Hours: 10:00am – 10:00pm

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  1. There is a big experience gap between the branches in Thailand and here. In Thailand, you get to cut your own Omu and watch it (REALLY) ooze onto the rice, whereas here, the staff cuts your omelette that looks like packed up scrambled eggs. They really need to get their act together especially when we’re paying so much more here.

  2. Yeah, give it a miss.

    Doesn’t taste anything like Demi-glace sauce but watery, salty Marmite with Maggi sauce mixture, egg’s dried up, tomato fried rice tastes like watered-down tomato ketchup rice.

    Frickin’ underwhelming but salty enough to make you cringe.


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