[Seoul] Korean drama “My Love From Another Star” which sparked off a Chimaek craze a few years ago might have ended, but that is not stopping BHC Chicken from continuing to use Jun Ji Hyun as celebrity endorser.

The chicken franchise has engaged Jun Ji Hyun who played a Korean Chicken Lovin’ actress in the hit series, as exclusive model due to her huge influence.

Even Chinese tourists will take commemorative ‘selfies’ in front of the BHC stores where her photos are plastered.

BHC Chicken or “Better & Happier Choice” is one of most popular Korean Fried Chicken chains, having opened over 1,000 stores since 2004.

The BHC Chicken outlet in Myeongdong is a perfect spot for a late bite, as it opens up to 12 midnight.

If you are looking for a place with lots of flavours to choose from and chicken that is not extremely spicy, the BHC Chicken may be just what you are looking for.

There is nothing special about the interior of this place, a fuss-free eatery with dozens of wooden table and large crowds of visitors who are drinking their beers and eating chicken.

I noticed that many Korean eateries are not heavily staffed, but they can somehow manage to deliver food and service efficiently and fast.

Despite having only one bored-looking girl serve two floors, she was quick in getting orders and food.

The popular BHC flavours include Sweet Garlic Soy Sauce Chicken (19,000 Won), and Boneless Sprinkle Chicken (19,000 Won) sprinkled with flavour seasoning, cheese, onion, and garlic.

Other choices include Crispy Chicken (17,000 Won), Soy Sauce Chicken Leg (19,000 Won), Sauce Chicken (18,000 Won), and Spicy Sauce Chicken (18,000 Won).

Prices are between SGD$21.10 to SGD$23.60 for the chicken dishes. As they are typically served as whole chicken rather a fast-food style 2 piece meal, it is better to dine as a group.

I had the Curry Queen (19,000 Won, $23.60), which also came in a boneless version at the same price.

Sometimes, I get sceptical when a food brand is too heavily endorsed.

Surprisingly, the chicken pieces were considered above average. They came piping hot, expected with crunchy exterior and juicy meat.

Even while it was heavily seasoned outside, the flavour of the meat didn’t get lost in all of that.

I wasn’t sure about the sweet curry powder sprinkled all over. The first two pieces were enjoyable, like having a tidbit snack, then it got salty and boring after the 4th piece.

The easiest way to get to BHC Chicken outlet in Myeongdong is from Euljiro 1-ga Station (Line 2 Exit 5). It is situated just a short walk from the CU convenience shop.

BHC Chicken Myeongdong
21 Myeongdong 7-gil, Euljiro 2(i)-ga, Jung-gu (Euljiro 1-ga Station, Line 2 Exit 5)
Tel: +82 2 319 7033
Opening Hours: 2:00pm – 12:00mn

Google Maps – BHC Chicken Myeongdong

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