[Seoul] Yes, Myeongdong is a touristy area known for its face-mask shops and rows of
street food, and you do get some pleasant dessert places and cafes around.

This chocolate-centric café would need some google-mapping and searching, as it is not located on street level.

Located in the heart of Myeongdong on the third floor of a building, Cacao Green is the place to look for if you are craving for some hot chocolate drinks and cakes. Look out for LesMore shoe store and Juno Hair and take the elevator upstairs. (With that said, do note that some shops here change often.)

This place used to be called Red Mango where they sold Yogurt Ice Cream, but now is known as Cacao Green, a café that focuses on chocolate desserts.

Cacao Green is a favorite spot for many tourists from Japan, as apparently it is included in many Japanese tourist guides.

You will see a lot of locals here who come for only one reason, and that is to try the mouth-watering hot chocolate.

I liked the interior of Cacao Green, boasting of dozens of wooden tables and chairs, quirky artefacts, and decorative lights hanging from above. Plus, FREE wifi (PW: 0237893102)

The good news is that they have a lot of seating space and even if the place is crowded, someone is bound to leave soon. Actually, I am quite sure you can easily find a free table.

Throw your diet plans aside after you look at the menu.

The signature items include Triple Chocolate Shaved Ice Set (13,800 Won, SGD$17.10), Chocolate Soufflé Set (11,800 Won), Chocolate Pizza Set (12,800 Won, SGD$14.60), Orange Chocolate Roll Cake Set (13,800 Won, SGD$17.10), and Chocolate Cake Set (7,800 Won, SGD$9.70).

The Triple Chocolate Shaved Ice looks like a Chocolate-Monster Bingsu, rather ginormous for one. Perfect for 3-4, I think.

Brownies, chocolate truffles, homemade brownie gelato, chocolate shaved iced and candied walnuts. Wah! Chocolate Gao Gao.

Best of all, I thought that the chocolate was of good quality, so you can savour the rich and deep goodness with every bite.

I also tried the Matcha Chocolate Cake Set (10,800 Won with a drink, SGD$13.40) in another visit.

It was quite an intense though balanced dessert with characteristics of green tea and chocolate both surfacing through.

The hot chocolate here comes with ice cream, sauces, an assortment of nuts, and topped with tasty dried orange chunks. People like that this is real cacao and not some fabricated stuff.

The easiest way to reach Cacao Green is to take the Myeongdong Exit 6 and walk straight along Myeongdong Main Street for like 5 minutes. Look out for the LesMore shoe shop. Cacao Green is upstairs.

Cacao Green
3F, 32-5 Myeongdong 2-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul (Myeongdong Exit 6)
중구 명동8길 17 (명동점), 명동, 서울특별시, 100-809, 대한민국
Tel: +02 3789 3102
Opening Hours: 10:00am – 10:30pm
Google Maps – Cacao Green

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