Many reviews have been singing huge praises for Wolfgang’s Steakhouse, opened at Intercontinental Singapore Nanson Road (NOT Bugis).

Few would still confuse this Wolfgang with another Wolfgang. This Steakhouse is started by Wolfgang Zwiener, while one-Michelin starred CUT at Marina Bay Sands is by Wolfgang Puck.

The original Wolfgang’s Steakhouse opened on New York City’s Park Avenue in 2004, and has since grown into an internationally renowned steak institution, with 18 branches worldwide.

There are comparisons between Wolfgang’s Steakhouse and the famed Peter Luger Steak House in Brooklyn. It is interesting to know that Wolfgang Zwiener used to be the head waiter from Peter Luger.

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse is famous for its USDA Prime 28 days dry-aged steak.

The process of dry-aging helps reduce moisture from the muscle, resulting in greater concentration of beef flavour and taste. Also, the beef’s natural enzymes can break down the connective tissue in the muscle, which leads to more tender meat.

For appetisers, soups and salads, the recommended include Seafood Platter ($50) – like almost every other day was ordering one, Wolfgang’s Crab Cake ($38), Tuna Tartar ($38), Lobster Bisque ($22), and Wolfgang’s Salad ($25).

The Lobster Bisque was ($22) smooth and lightly creamer, with little pieces of lobsters sporadically.

Certainly above the average, but I thought it lacked that complex flavour and distinct brandy profile to make it a really memorable broth.

For steak selection, the menu includes New York Sirloin ($99), Rib Eye Steak ($118), and Porterhouse Steak meant for two, three or four diners ($185, $275, $360).

I ordered the Porterhouse Steak for Two ($185), and thought that weight should have been indicated in the menu. I checked with the waiter and the bone-in steak was about 800 grams.

Certified USDA Prime beef is used, dry-aged for 28 days in-house in an aging box, then cooked with a specialised 900°C broiler.

The steak arrived sizzling hot, with the sounds of the bubbling oils extremely enticing. Be careful not to touch the plate.

The Porterhouse would include two parts, a more buttery tender tenderloin, and short loin which is leaner and beefier.

Surprisingly, I liked the sirloin part which was lean yet still held rather complex flavours. While it was not melt-in-your-mouth tender, the pieces had good amount of fat and succulence.

A huge part of the positive reviews for this restaurant have to do with the service.

In Singapore, service standards have declined for several restaurants, even fine dining ones due to labour crunch and lack of training (amongst other reasons).

Having a team of people greet you, attend to your needs, make adequate recommendations (and not smoking the way through), with that sincere body language, has become far and between.

Throughout the meal, there would always be a serving staff asking, ”How’s the meal?”, though my dining partner commented that some local diners appeared genuinely uncomfortable being engaged in conversations.

Even though I didn’t order that much, the bill came up to be more than $150 per person.

Reservation at Wolfgang’s Steakhouse is encouraged. Do note that the main dining room could get slightly noisy when it is full-house, but there are seats slightly further away if you need conversations.

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse by Wolfgang Zwiener
1 Nanson Road #02-01 Intercontinental Singapore, Singapore 238909
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 11:30pm

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