Twins Korean Restaurant is known for its array of Korean Fried Chicken, cooked up by a pair of handsome (because the word is always subjective) Korean twins and their team.

A friend says they are “Hot Twin Chefs”.

In order to offer customers a customers more diverse experience, the KFC restaurant has recently introduced a new revamped menu, and I will say pay attention to their Spicy Chicken BBQ With Cheese.

Tanjong Pagar has always been known to be an area lined with bustling, authentic Korean restaurants. Twins is of a short walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT, on 7 Craig Road, diagonally opposite bingsu cafe Bingki.

Run by twin brothers Park Woo Jae and Park Sung Jae – double oppa, you can catch glimpses of them frying up a storm within the kitchen.

They previously cooked back in Korea, then Ku De Ta and Fullerton Bay Hotel before striking out on their own.

Famous Korean actress Kim Ji-won of Descendants of the Sun fame (she played First Lieutenant Yoon Myung-ju) is said to be a fan of their Soy and Lemon Kkanpungki.

Kkanpungk is spicy garlic fried chicken dish stir-fried with a sweet, sour, spicy sauce.

Beyond Korean Fried Chicken, Twins has started serving up dishes such as Bulgogi Beef, Jeyuk (stir-fried pork with Korean chilli pasta), Tang Soo Yook (fried pork with sweet and sour sauce), Black Noodles – more commonly known as Jjajangmen, and Chicken Galbi with Cheese.

Their regular favourites include Japchae, Tokkbokki, Seafood Pancake and Kimchi Pancake.

With a menu offering family favourites and trendy Korean dishes, these are some of the dishes you can expect from Twins Korean Restaurant:

Korean Fried Chicken ($18 for half, $36 for whole – 12 pieces)
Only fresh chicken is used at Twins, not frozen chicken so that the dishes can retain their flavour and juiciness. Even all the coating sauces used are homemade as well.

This side for the menu is for those who enjoy having different chicken parts, as half or whole chicken is used. The KFC offerings include Original Fried Chicken, Yangnyum Spicy (with very spicy option), Soy & Garlic, Cheese with Garlic Powder, and Boneless with home-made onion sauce.

If you are new to Twins, I would actually recommend trying out the Original with home-made batter without the sauces, so that you can experience that crisp matched with moist, flavourful meat.

Despite taking a while with the photos, I was surprised to find the chicken pieces still reasonably crusty.

Yangnyum Wings ($10 for 5 pieces, $18 for 10 pieces)
My chicken-wing lovin’ friend @PinkyPiggu is a fan of their Soy & Garlic Wings, which are sweet and sticky with that honeyed soy sauce glaze.

Smothered in a sticky, sweet, and spicy red sauce, the wings were actually manageable in terms of the fiery level. For something more potent, I would probably want to give a go at the “very spicy” option.

Spicy Chicken BBQ With Cheese ($25, $33)
Stir-fried chicken with rice cake with Korean chilli paste and cheese topping may not sound overly enticing at first. I mean, what’s so special? Don’t they just assembled everything together and heat up with fire?

I was filming the cooking process, and observed the procedure which was more effort that imagined.

The chicken pieces and rice cakes were cooked under strong fire “Dak Galbi” style, frequently tossed so that they remain evenly cooked with the hot gochujang-based sauce well-absorbed.

The dish came served in a big pan with accompanying stove, surrounded with generous mix of cheese.

When it sizzled, the smell and sound was quite incredible, complete with ‘on-point’ cheese pull.

Army Stew / Army Soup ($40)
While most Korean restaurants would call their Budae Jjigae Army Stew, Twins name their version Army Soup.

I reckon it is because this is a soupier version, and like hotpot, the waitress added more soup halfway through the meal.

Our table was divided on this, as another friend preferred something more stew-like with thicker base. I actually enjoyed the process of continual slurping, so this worked for me.

I also liked the fact that the noodles were not cooked before hand, because it would have been too soggy otherwise.

Tang Soo Yook ($23)
The new menu includes more Korean-Chinese dishes, and the three primary Junghwa dishes of Jajangmyeon ($13.90 for lunch, $16.90 for dinner), Jjamppong ($28 for a big soup version), and Tang Soo Yook ($23) can all be found here.

The Tang Soo Yook is prepared based on a recipe shared with the twins, by one of the well-known restaurants in Seoul specialising in preparing this type of pork.

Said to be the Koreanised version of sweet and sour pork, the deep fried battered bite-sized pork pieces were served separately from the sauce. This is so as to retain the crispness. I loved the lemony twang to the sauce.

Jjambbong Soup ($28)
The Jjambbong is served almost like an Army Stew, in a pot on fire so that the soup stays warm throughout.

The soup was cooked in stock for rich flavour, with subtle seafood-y sweetness. It was also pleasantly spicy and not sharp, and most Singaporeans should be able to take.

Ingredients were first fried in wok-fire before the soup was added, adding that light smokiness and char.

Possibly my favourite soup base among all those tried.

Woojae’s Spicy Seafood Crab Noodle Soup ($13.90 for lunch, $16.90 for dinner)
This is named after one of the twins, and the creation also represents his pride and joy. At $13.90 with so much seafood (plus crab claws), this makes a delicious value-for-money lunch.

A Korean-Chinese noodle dish which is comforting especially in a cooler weather, full in flavour with a touch of spicy kick.

Lighter, inexpensive lunch sets are offered, from Soft Tofu Soup ($16.90), Fried Chicken Set ($12.90), Bulgogi ($12.90), and Dakgalbi ($11.90) which come with salad and rice.

If you are heading after work, there are other modern Korean dishes including Kimchi Fried Rice ($15, With Cheese $18), Bulgogi Kimchi Cheese Fries ($12), which can be paired with Honey Ice Cream Beer ($12). Now, that’s interesting.

Twins Korean Restaurant
7 Craig Rd Singapore 089667 (Tanjong Pagar MRT)
Tel: +65 6221 5205
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 3:00pm, 5:00pm – 12:00am (Mon – Sat), 5:00pm – 11:00pm (Sun)

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Twins Korean Restaurant.


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