[Seoul] Hawaiian concept, minimalist look, located opposite the heart of Myeongdong street.

Sounds contrasting, but Luft Coffee somehow comes together well. It is a cosy and comfortable café where travellers, local from the neighbourhood, busy executives, to young Seoulites go for coffee.

The factor that makes Luft Coffee so unique and interesting is its laid-back vibe, that you can sense as soon as you enter.

Huge open space, a large communal table in the middle, yet with several other corners to just relax quietly.

There is no music blasting from the speakers, so you can drink your favourite coffee in peace. In addition, there are a couple of outlets which makes it an ideal spot to get some work done.

Luft Coffee

The interior looks inviting with modern chairs and tables, a couple of light blue vases, thematic paintings, and tropical plants that give the place a Hawaiian look.

The coffee counter is white and long with a branded espresso machine, while the windows are huge and keep the space bright.

At Luft Coffee, you can choose from a variety of fresh coffees.

From the usual Café Latte (5,000 Won, SGD6), Filter Coffee (7,000 Won, SGD8.40), Americano (4,500 Won, SGD5.40), the other more interesting choices include Almond Milk Latte (5,500 Won, SGD6.60), Lemon Olive Latte (6,000 Won, SGD7.20), and Vanilla Latte (6,000 Won).

Bottled Cold Brew Coffee and Latte (6,500 Won, 7.000 Won) are also available for takeaways.

I purposely bought another takeaway coffee so that I can have one of those cups in my favourite shade of sky-blue.

A small selection of pastries baked in-house is available, from Stick Bread (2,800 Won, SGD3.40), Sausage Bread (3,800 Won, SGD4.60), Olive Cheese Bun (3,500 Won, SGD4.20).

Luft Coffee

I had a Choco Bun (4,300 Won, SGD$5.20) and was half-suspecting there could be a chocolate-lava-cake like filling.

Was pleasantly surprised to find a half-melted marshmallow along with soft chocolate cream when the cube was cut open. The outer layer had a likable, chewy texture.

The clean yet tropical setting with its easy-going atmosphere make Luft Coffee somewhere you can catch up with friends over coffee and pastries, while the Seoul workers can also be seen grabbing a cuppa before commuting to work.

Luft Coffee

Luft Coffee
50-10 Myeong-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Tel: +82 10 2797 4210
Opening Hours: 8:00am – 10:00pm (Mon – Sun)
Google Maps – Luft Coffee

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