Oh everytime I see you… dal.komm Coffee has opened its 2nd outlet in Singapore at Marina Square, the first being at The Centrepoint.

The café chain which originated from Korea is known to be featured in a number of memorable scenes in hit Korean TV dramas Descendants of the Sun and Goblin: The Lonely and Great God.

The fanfare surrounding the opening of this branch is significantly less, also because K-drama fans have moved on to other series, such as While You Were Sleeping.

Anyone STILL in the DOTS phase?

Just banking on the fame of ‘old’ dramas, can be risky.

Some introduction: dal.komm COFFEE not only means ‘sweet’. It is also a combination of the words – ‘dal’ from Danal (founding company) and the German word ‘komm’ (meaning come) – to represent the phrase, ‘come to Danal’.

It specialises in quality Arabica bean brews made with a proprietary selection of three blends K1 to K3; each with its own characteristic aroma and flavour. Korea has four blends.

K1 has a smooth, clean, well-balanced flavour; K2 is sweet, citrusy with creamy body; while K3 is flowery, fruity with strong body.

The server explained that while the tasting notes are different, the intensity of the coffee is similar.

Other than the usual Caffe Latte ($6.00, $6.50) and Cappuccino ($6.00, $6.50), specialty flavoured drinks offered were the Vanilla Latte, Rose Latte, Green Tea Caffe Latte, and Lavender Latte ($6.50 $7.00). Dual coloured iced drinks make up instagrammable photos of late.

It is expected that those flavoured ones are generally sweeter and somewhat milkier in proportion, so I may just stick to the usual latte in future.

Other highlight dal.komm drink creations include the Hot Choco Cube ($8.50), Iced Honey Grapefruit ($8.90), Royal Milk Tea ($7.00, $7.50), and Hot Sweet Potato Latte ($7.00, $7.50 for cold) – all featured in those mentioned K-dramas at one point or another.

You may have noticed that the pricing is about a dollar or two higher than the average coffee place (other than Starbucks), I figure that the ‘investment’ goes to other parts such as working plugs and comfortable seating area.

I just returned from Seoul and realised that dal.komm over there is also priced higher than other coffee chain. For example, the signature Honey Grapefruit is priced at 6,300 Won, which is about SGD7.50 (Singapore’s version is priced at $8.90), relatively expensive in comparison.

The menu also offers a variety of snacks and bites, such as Korean shaved ice dessert Bingsu – Injeolmi ($8.90, $13.90), Cherry Tomato ($10.90, $15.90)and Mango ($10.90, $15.90), flatbreads, sandwiches and pastries.

In terms of the smoothness of the bingsu, I won’t say it is ranked among the highest.

Perhaps you could go for the relatively new Cruffin, topped with a scoop of ice cream and whipped cream for that sweet ending.

dal.komm Coffee – Marina Square
Marina Square 6 Raffles Boulevard #02-278 Singapore 039594

dal.komm Coffee – The Centrepoint
The Centrepoint 176 Orchard Road #01-01 Singapore 238843
Opening Hours: 9:30am – 10:00pm

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