Upside Down Coffee Alternatives at 115 Amoy Street functions more like a takeaway kiosk, though there are 3 small round tables – 2 on the outside, 1 in the building’s lobby.

The coffee place is found sandwiched in between Bochinche and Birds Of A Feather, which all share the SAME address of 115 Amoy Street.

Talking about that, in a very short time span I was seated there, the barista received 4 enquiries from confused people holding handphones, of which 3 were, ”Where is Burger Joint, the last looking for directions to Birds Of A Feather.

I felt bad for them suddenly.

The ‘hidden’ Burger Joint Singapore is also located on 115 Amoy Street, but the entrance is on the back of the shophouse building.

Upside Down Coffee Alternatives serves up Espresso ($4.00), Long Black ($5.00), White ($4.50, $5.00, $5.50), Mocha ($6.00), Batch Brew ($4.00 till 2pm) and bottled Cold Brews ($5.50, $6.00).

Two observations. I haven’t done thorough price comparison in this area yet, but could the coffee be priced a tad high considering it was mainly a takeaway kiosk? In particular the Batch Brew.

The printed menu was not that clear on first glance, and there were several brewed bottled drinks in the fridge which were not indicated, such as the Thai Iced Milk Tea. So customers in a hurry would not likely see those.

A possible reason for the higher price is that they use, and are the distributors of “Third Wave Water”, which are capsules added to water to achieve optimum amount of calcium, magnesium and sodium for coffee brewing.

Both visits, I was recommended the Cold Drip & Tonic ($7.00) and Ultra Violet ($6.50) – lychee infused hibiscus tea, lime topped with 3 lychees.

I initially thought Ultra Violet would be another (trending) peaberry tea drink, but it wasn’t.

This purple drink didn’t do much to me, except that it was quite refreshing. Perhaps they could have upped the portion (few sips and it was gone), and increase the lychee-element in the tea itself.

Drinks made with cold brew coffee and tonic water were making their appearances in countries such as the United States and Australia 2 years back, but you only see traces here and there in Singapore only recently.

I liked it – a cooling, sparkling summertime drink with citrus flavours and caffeine.

Coffee is roasted in-house in small batches to ensure freshness. Some of their coffees are bought directly from farms, and there is always a changing variety.

Upside Down Coffee Alternatives
115 Amoy Street (Lobby Space) Singapore 069935
Opening Hours: 8:00am – 4:30pm (Mon – Fri), 9:00am – 3:00pm (Sat), Closed Sun

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