Popular Korean Toppoki restaurant Mukshidonna has arrived in Singapore, with its first outlet located at Downtown East, Pasir Ris.

The restaurant has also received its Halal certification, so Muslim friends can go to enjoy some Korean stew.

While Mukshidonna is commonly known to serve delicious Budae Jjigae (Army Stew), they have branded themselves as a “Toppoki” restaurant. Their most popular outlet is at Samcheong Dong, near Gyeongbokgung. The Myeongdong branch which I last visited appeared to have closed.

The term Muk-shi-don-na means Eat (Muk), Rest (Shi), Pay (Don), Leave (Na) when translated in English, means “Have your food, pay and leave”.

Toppoki / Tteokbokki is a type of cylinder-shaped boiled rice cake, and is a quintessential Korean traditional street food.

Muskshidonna’s first franchise outlet in Singapore is also the first Korean restaurant in Singapore solely specializing on army stew.

It can be considered far for many, you cannot dine alone (unless you order portion for 2), and no prior reservation is allowed. Queue loh.

The local branch should be renamed Muk-Don-Na-Shi, because you have to pay before you eat. LOL. Anyway…

There is the option to customize your own pot, with 5 different flavors to choose from: Cheese, Mussels, Bulgogi, Sausages and Mushroom.

The basic tteokbokki base is priced $13.90 a portion, per pax. You can choose to mix-and-match, example one portion of cheese, another of mussels for a party of 2.

Add on ingredients are priced at $3.00, from Ramyeon, Odaeng, Ham, Mandu (2 each), Seaweed Noodle Roll (2 each), Fried Squid Ring, Egg (2 each) and Scallops (2 each).

Unlike other army stew base, Mukshidonna’s mild spicy yet sweet signature sauce will thicken as it boils.

This base could be sweeter and not as spicy. Somehow, I remembered the Korean version to be quite appetising, while this was disappointingly average lacking the robustness.

The Ramyeon was also soft and soggy, and I would recommend taking them out first to prevent them getting squashier.

The plus point is the serving of beef and sausages was considered generous for its price.

Do not forget to leave some sauce in your pot for the fried rice if you do order.

This leftover thick gravy will be use to fry the sizzling fried rice which contains sweet corn and seaweed ($5). For cheese lovers, choose the fried rice with cheese ($7).

I thought that some points could be implemented to help ease the queue, as I noticed diners who managed to get seats still had to wait for some time before the food would arrive.

For example, those in line could be given a menu and clipboard to make their orders while waiting, and how-to-order posters or simple instruction sheet could be printed.

Not everyone will know the minimum order is for two, and that you cannot add ingredients after the pot arrives.

Mukshidonna Singapore
Market Square @ Downtown East 1 Pasir Ris Close, E!Avenue #02-324 Singapore 519599
Tel: +65 63868562
Opening Hours: 11:30 am – 10:00pm Daily

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(Click PLAY for highlights of Mukshidonna 먹쉬돈나 in Seoul.)

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  1. It was our first time there on Monday evening of 30 April 2018 and we queued for our turn. We were asked to sit outside and when the food finally came, the service staff Jessie lost her grip on the clamp which was holding the hot pot and the scalding hot soup spilled all over my shirt, thighs, my hair, face. There was even some hot soup on my right eyebrow near my eye. It was scalding hot. The service staff Jessie tried to clear the table while I tried to clean up the mess on my clothes and wanted to speak to the manager but she was “not around”. The service staff Jessie tried to resolve it by giving us two cans of coke and a bowl of fried rice but that is obviously not enough compensation and we did not want additional food as we had ordered enough food. We wanted a refund and wanted to discuss any additional compensation for the damage caused to me, my clothes and the whole mess all over me, but the service staff Jessie said the manager was busy and needed to attend to another matter elsewhere first.

    The service staff Jessie then tried to settle the matter herself by paying us back half the amount of the meal, which costed $30.80. Initially we accepted but we returned her the money $15.40 as we felt that the manager and the shop should be responsible and handle the case instead of merely the service staff Jessie, as it has to do with the safety of future customers and at the workplace. The clamp holding the hotpot was weak and was simply too dangerous to be carried over such a long distance from the kitchen to the tables.

    The service staff Jessie then took our number and said the manager was busy at the moment and will call us back by the night, or the next morning latest. She said the manager will call us to settle the matter as she had no authority to “refund” us even though we did not touch the food at all and left because I was drenched in the soup. We trusted the staff and gave the manager the whole day (1 May 2018) to contact us but the manager did not call at all. I went to check with the service staff Jessie the next day (1 May noon time) whether the manager got the information to contact us or not. The service staff Jessie insisted that she did send our phone number and described the situation clearly and sent a picture of our untouched food to her manager. She also clarified that the manager was just the boss herself, and this staff Jessie was appointed the “store manager” whenever this boss is not around.

    We did not get any refund and/or compensation, and did not get any phone call from the manager. The manager is trying to avoid responsibility. This restaurant offers TERRIBLE SERVICE and DOES NOT HAVE INTEGRITY. The restaurant does not keep to their word of refund and compensation even though we DID NOT TOUCH THE FOOD AT ALL. This restaurant is VERY DANGEROUS to eat in. Eat here at YOUR OWN RISK of the hot soup being poured ALL OVER YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES.


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