From South Korea, Japan, Thailand and finally Singapore.

McDonald’s Singapore has announced that it would be launching the viral Chocolate Pie, along with Fish & Fries and Sweet Chilli Burger from 1st March 2018.

While lines will most definitely be formed (Singaporeans are so known for being ‘kiasu’ and their fondness for queuing), the taste factor of the newest offerings remains a huge question mark.

The fast food chain got some things right (Nasi Lemak Burger) but not so for some of the rest (Truffle Fries, Cheesy Loaded Fries etc etc).

Meantime, this is the Chocolate Pie I tried in Seoul…

[Seoul] A few friends reminded me to try the NEW McDonald’s Chocolate Pie since I was in Korea.

Almost forgot about it, even though I have seen a few viral videos of its molten chocolate centre. Perhaps it was because this pie was not on my priority list.

The “Choco Pie” is available for 1,500 Korean Won. That is about SGD$1.80 or USD$1.30.

Even though New Zealand has also introduced a golden crusted Choc Pie – which is said to go well with soft serve, the Korean version has a chocolate crust.

This completes the picture for chocolate lovers.

The fried chocolate-flavoured outer layer felt crustier and crispier than the usual Apple Pies.

When snapped apart, there was SOME molten chocolate custard-like fillings.

However, I wished there was more, and it wasn’t as hot as expected. So the overall experience was kind of disappointing.

Oh well.

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