[NEW] Fans of Miffy will hop with joy over this, as Miffy Café is coming to Singapore this Thursday.

This is a pop-up concept that will take place from 5 October 2017 (Thursday) to 31 December 2017 (Sunday). All the way till Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

The collaboration is taking place with Kumoya, Singapore’s first Halal-certified Japanese-French café.

Kumoya is no stranger to character cafes, also behind Cinnamoroll Café which has ended its run recently.

The name Kumoya in Japanese refers to fluffy, light cloud house. “Kumo” refers to clouds and “Ya” means house or shop.

It is quite taxing to change concepts that regularly. Imagine the amount of conceptualisation, decor, staff training, marketing and time involved.

However, it seems like not all character cafes experience longevity and continual popularity, and therefore the changes are needed to appeal to diners bombarded with choices.

If you do not know who Miffy is, she is Dick Bruna’s best known and most popular character, featuring in more than 30 books, far more than any other character he created.

Many children are able to identify with Miffy and her adventures, and are drawn to its uncomplicated and innocent character and positive attitude.

The limited-time menu has been curated and styled by well known food stylist Shirley Wong (Little Miss Bento) and the Kumoya team. Shirley is also consultant of the menu at Gudetama Café Singapore.

The menu features detectable Main Courses, Desserts and Beverages that carry the cute Miffy character.

Compared to the previous run of Cinnamoroll Café, she shared that a greater variety of desserts, and comforting dishes such as the Udon were included. While this dish may not be as instagrammable as the rest, the team reckoned that some diners would appreciate more hot food.

Miffy-licious food you can expect include:

Splashing Good Fun Japanese Seafood Curry Rice ($24.90)
Fluffy Miffy Japanese rice served with fish kamaboko, cheese stars, steamed broccoli, breaded calamari, breaded ebi, breaded scallop and fresh tempura salmon on Japanese curry.

This should likely be the most popular dish. I liked the curry gravy – sweetish and not spicy, and I would encouraged to consume while it is hot (ie shoot photos fast).

My main feedback was that there was a lot of rice needed to create Miffy’s face, so perhaps an additional small bowl of curry could help create a better curry-rice balance.

You, Me & Miffy Makes 3 Chicken Katsu Burger ($18.90)
Crunchy Japanese chicken katsu on Miffy mantou burger served with fries with BBQ dip, fresh garden salad with cheese Teddy and cheese stars.

Egg-citing Miffy Smoked Duck Cold Pasta ($17.90)
Tri-colour cold pasta served with cute Miffy egg, hand-torched smoked duck, crispy renkon chips and fresh garden salad with goma shoyu dressing.

Souperlicious Hot Udon with Breaded Ebi ($20.90)
Slurping-hot Japanese udon soup served with Miffy Kamaboko, wakame, shimeji mushroom, Teddy carrot, chikuwa and Japanese leek.

Accompanied by side of breaded ebi with shredded carrots.

Perhaps customers may not order this as the Miffy character only appears as a single piece of fishcake. An uncomplicated dish with rather tasty dashi stock, so get this if taking that perfect instagram photo is not that important for you.

Sunny Salted Egg-yolk Fries ($11.90)
Sprinkled with salted egg-yolk cereal crunch and served with housemade salted egg-yolk dip.

Accordingly, the kitchen team used 4 salted egg yolks for a small portion like this. For those who wished for creamier sauce, a side dip was also given.

Peek-A-Boo Miffy BLT ($17.90)
BLT with a difference. Toasted bread, cheddar cheese slice, fresh tomato, crunchy lettuce, Teddy cheese, bacon and ham. Served with fries with housemade salted egg-yolk dip.

Wonderfully Waffles with Karaage Chicken ($21.90)
Buttery, fluffy waffles meets juicy Japanese karaage chicken, paired with house-made sweet shoyu glaze. Fresh garden salad with cute Miffy potato cakes, cheese stars and Miffy carrots.

Yuzu Mango Parfait Merriment ($18.90)
Menagerie of special duo swirl mango Hokkaido soft serve and limited-edition duo-coloured macaron, buttery Miffy cookies, fluffy cotton candy, pudding, fresh fruits, vanilla sable and mango sauce.

Magnificent Matcha Azuki Lava cake ($16.90)
Warm matcha lava cake served with fresh churned creamy Hokkaido soft serve. Paired with cute buttery Miffy cookie, fluffy cotton candy, dango and Hokkaido azuki.

My lava cake didn’t exactly flow. I was all right with it.

The vibe is further enhanced with the specially-commissioned Miffy theme décor, dressed up in the distinct illustration style of Miffy’s creator, Dick Bruna.

I liked the rather cartoon-like, colourful and carnival mood, and the team made sure that every table had a Miffy soft toy for photos. Just a little reminder to diners to be careful about accidentally spilling food on the toys, and DO NOT take them away.

Miffy Café
Kumoya @ 8 Jalan Klapa Singapore 199320
Opening Hours: 12.00pm – 9.30pm (Tues, Wed, Thurs, Sun), 12.00pm – 10.30pm (Fri, Sat), Last Order 30 minutes before closing, Closed Mon

Duration: 5 October 2017 (Thursday) to 31 December 2017 (Sunday)

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