Japan’s 1-Michelin starred restaurant Rokukakutei which specialises in Kushiage, has opened an outlet in Singapore at Odeon Towers (next to Bras Basah).

A restaurant specialising in kushikatsu — Japanese deep-fried skewers of meat, seafood and vegetables, is not that common in Singapore.

Many specialised Japanese restaurants here end up diversifying in one way or another.

I remember being impressed with my meal at HAN Japanese Restaurant which previously occupied the same location, and was serving Kushiage as well.

Helmed by Chef Hideyuki Tanaka who has 15 years of experience, Rokukakutei uses fresh premium ingredients, most of which are imported from Japan.

The skewers are accompanied by 6 different types of sauces, which includes lemon mustard, shoyu, sesame mustard, organic red wine sauce, Japanese salt and pepper.

Interestingly, the end of the stick will point to the recommended sauce for you to try.

There are two different menus to choose from: Omakase Skewers and Kushiage + Selected Wines Marriage.

At S$134++, the Omakase set features 20 skewers, which showcase a medley of meats, seafood and vegetables; a veggie bowl of fresh, steamed and boiled greens; homemade pickles; fruit agar gelatin; and bread.

Guests who have smaller appetites can request to stop at any time and the bill will be based on the number of skewers consumed. For 10 skewers, the price will be $79++ and $106.50++ for 15 skewers.

If you work out the sums, it would cost between $6.70++ to $7.90++ per stick, which might not be a price some Singaporean diners would be willing to pay.

But the quality is there.

The good news: Rokukakutei has just introduced a “Kushiage Experience Set”, available everyday from 4:00pm to 8:30pm, applicable for diners who are sitting at the wine bar counter.

At only $36.50, diners can savour 5 different types of deep fried skewers, served together with a veggie bowl of fresh and boiled greens and homemade pickles.

Let’s start with the veggie bowl.

While it might have sounded like an ordinary salad bowl, I was pleasantly surprised at the level of freshness of several of the ingredients. The corn might have been one of the sweetest and juicest I ever had, and cherry tomatoes had sweet and tart flavours blending magically.

The 5 skewers I had included Chicken breast and perilla with mountain caviar “Tonburi”; Shitake mushroom stuffed with shrimp; Shirobuta pork loin from Kagoshima with onions; Japanese lake smelt fish; and Cuttlefish and herring roe on kelp topped with sea urchin.

The delicious part is when you first take that bite, and that hot steam of flavours bursts in your mouth. Yet, it wasn’t that scalding.

The pieces were light, not greasy, crisp.

My favourite piece was the Shirobuta Kushiage, of delicate-tasting Japanese pork loin, with a good balance between leanness and tenderness.

Note though: the menu is omakase – subject to Chef’s selection of ingredients for the day and will not be the same every time.

The Kushiage Experience Set will be available for a month in September for the launch period, and continuity will depend on response.

Ginza Rokukakutei
331 North Bridge Road #01-04, Odeon Towers, Singapore 188720 (City Hall MRT)
Tel: +65 6266 1077
Operating Hours: 4:00pm – 11:00pm (Mon – Sun)

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Ginza Rokukakutei.


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