[Taipei] While Singapore has a Michelin Bib Gourmand listed Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant, Taipei has Fei Qian Wu 肥前屋.

The name “Fei Qian Wu” if read literally would mean, “the house before becoming fat”. Opps. But “Fei Qian” refers to the old Hizen Province of Japan.

It is a joint famous for its delicious, affordably priced Unagi Don (grilled eel bento), and is easily the busiest eatery at Zhongshan North neighbourhood.

Eater lists this as one of the “The 38 Essential Taipei Restaurants”.

If you are going to make your way here, do a bit of exploration and do not miss out on the Japanese restaurants around the area.

I went down slightly after its opening time of 11:00am, and found the restaurant to be completely packed, with a short line outside.

After a 15 minute or so wait, I was led into a nostalgic looking space which looked caught in time, complete with cafeteria style tables and dark yellow lighting. After all, the restaurant was founded 35 years ago by a Japanese-Taiwanese family.

As business is brisk, all the obasan servers looked hurried, and I also had to share tables with other diners.

Some of the Fei Qian Wu’s signatures include small Unagi-don (Small, TWD250, SGD$11.25), Big Unagi-don (TWD480, SGD$21.60), Shrimp Rice (TWD120 SGD$5.40), Katsu Don (TWD100, SGD$4.50), Grilled Squid (TWD90, SGD4.05) and Onion Egg Rice (TWD70, SGD$3.15).

To us Singaporeans, $4.50 for Katsu Don is ridiculously inexpensive. You don’t get this price even in the foodcourts. Also not with this quality.

I went for the Big Unagi-don anyway, and the portion was quite substantial. Boy oh boy, it was superbly delicious for its price. 4 pieces on top of steaming hot, fluffy rice.

The eels tasted fresh and sweet, evenly grilled and lightly brushed with sweet caramelized teriyaki-like sauce.

You get half the portion of eel for the small box.

The other must-get was the Unagi Tamago (TWD130, SGD$5.80) which came with four juicy pieces of Japanese rolled omelette and grilled eel stuff wrapped within.

You get that layer of warm sweetness on the outside, contrasted with rich savouriness of the unagi inside.

Fei Qian Wu offers such value-for-money Unagi Don, especially when these eels are often priced expensive elsewhere. Service is fast, and hopefully you do not have to wait too long.

Fei Qian Wu
13-2, Lane 121, Zhongshan North Road, Sect 1
Tel: +886 02 25628701
Opening Hours: 11:00am – 2:30pm, 5:00pm – 9:00pm (Tue – Sun)
Google Maps – Fei Qian Wu

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