”Legend has it that there is a Makcik with chicken rice skills second to none.”

Kudos to the Makcik Chicken team for their superb social media marketing, that gave me laughs for their hilarious videos and photo captions.

I am not sure if Makcik is even there (“Makcik” is an affectionate term for an older woman.) They claim that Makcik would prefer to serve from the premises of her kitchen, and stay away from the celebrity spotlight.

However, this secret character got me curious enough to want try her/their food.

Makcik Chicken is a Muslim-owned takeout shop co-owned by a husband and wife team who used to work in advertising firms.

As to how to get a box of their ‘legendary’ Confirm Steeemmm Chicken Rice ($9.50), you can find them at certain food festivals, or order via their website, Deliveroo, Ubereats or Honestbee.

The brown cardboard packaging was already quite-win already, with wooden utensils, and accompanying sauces within the box.

Ah… the fragrance of chicken rice.

Eh, eh, instead of the usual long-grained rice, Makcik used the shorter-grained Japanese rice cooked with chicken stock, ginger, garlic and pandan leaves.

The rice wasn’t too greasy or overly flavourful on its own. However when you pour the combination of three sauces in – red chilli, green chill and dark sauce, the rice would absorb them better.

I didn’t have intention to finish the rice (carbs, carbs, carbs), but was pretty sedap that it became hard to stop eating. Maybe I was hungry.

The sous vide chicken garlic-infused chicken thigh was moist and in good portion. Then I realised ”Hey, no bones” and Makcik Chicken would be suitable for the ‘lazy’ people who could also dislike dirtying their fingers.

Other than sweet cherry tomatoes, another commendable inclusion was the Hanjuku egg. While the yolk was runny, I though the flavours was lacking, and Makcik could perhaps try-try to learn how the Japanese ramen shops do theirs.

I also ordered a Makcik Magic ($10), supposed a specially brewed Jambu Jampi (guava) juice. It arrived in a bottle in deep green colour and sparkles. Makcik also become hipster!

Makcik Chicken
77 Aliwal Street Singapore 199948
(Note: Made available to order via Deliveroo, Uber Eats, Honestbee)
Opening Hours: 12:00pm – 8:00pm


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