Millenia Walk is where foodies can get some unusual food choices, and the newest restaurants and cafes to join the mall continue to prove so.

The latest additions to Millenia Walk include The Dark Gallery which is haven for dark chocolate lovers; Come N Joy – a Korean eatery offering Lemon Cheese Korean Fried Chicken; Tengawa – the only Hokkaido White Curry Japanese restaurant in Singapore; and Poke Doke which serves up popular Poke Bowls and multi-coloured Pokerritto.

The mall is also working together with HSBC Credit Card to offer exclusive deals when you pay using HSBC Credit Cards. Available from 1 August to 31 October, these promotional discounts make better reason to head down for the next dining session.

Here are 5 NEW dining options you can check out at Millenia Walk:

The Dark Gallery
Tel: +65 6255 0368
Opening Hours: 11:00 am – 9.30 pm (Mon – Sun)

Welcome to the dark side. Probably the first of its kind in Singapore, The Dark Gallery specialises in artisanal dark chocolate desserts and drinks – prized for its high cacao content.

The menu will please dark chocolate lovers, which includes a wide range of premium and artisanal chocolate desserts consisting of ice cream, chocolate and coffee beverages, plated desserts, ice cream cakes, chocolate bonbons, pastries and more.

Some of the must tries include the Chocolate Cube Hazelnut Latte ($9.00), Frozen S’mores ($7.50), Single Origin Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Platter ($12) and Single Origin Pastries Platter ($12).

Interesting to know: all the Single Origin platters, whether ice cream or pastries, or are made with single origin cacao from various sources such as Venezuela and Dominican Republic.

You would realise that the dessert tray would come with an infographic print-out that describes the flavour profile of each chocolate. Good to taste, and learn more about chocolates at the same time.

HSBC Credit Cardholders enjoy 15% off on dessert platters only (applicable to all items under Single Origin platters and Signature plated desserts)

Tengawa Hokkaido White Curry
Tel: +65 6265 1314
Opening Hours: 11.30am – 10 pm (Mon – Sun)

Tengawa is the first and only restaurant in Singapore to specialise in Japanese Hokkaido white curry.

You may be familiar with the sweetish brown Japanese curry, and theirs is prepared using fresh Hokkaido milk. The curry reminded me of a rich, creamy soup, with slightly peppery taste kicking in towards the back.

Popular sets to order include Seafood White Curry Udon ($16.80), Ibériko katsu ($19.80), Crunchy Chicken Katsu ($15.80) and Ebi fry ($16.80) – black tiger prawns covered with panko and deep fried to a crispy golden brown, topped on fluffy white rice from Akita prefecture.

I enjoyed the Iberiko Katsu which was crisp on the outside, both juicy and tender on the inside, as the pork was imported from Spain and aged for at least a week.

All set meals below come with truffle oil chawanmushi, free flow of akitakomachi rice, white clam miso soup and Japanese preserved vegetables. That is quite good value.

HSBC Credit Cardholders enjoy 15% off total bill.

Come N Joy
Tel: +65 6338 3831
Opening Hours: Lunch 11.30am – 3.00pm, Last order 2.30pm
Dinner 5.30pm – 11:00pm, Last order 10.30pm
Sunday: 5.30pm – 9.30pm, Last order 9.00pm

This under-the-radar Korean restaurant is where you can go to satisfying cravings of “Chimaek” – Korean Fried Chicken with beer.

Other than the Original Fried Chicken ($18, $36), you can look out for big portions of Soy Garlic Chicken ($20, $38), Seasoned Chilli Chicken ($20, $38), and Spicy BBQ Sauce Chicken ($20, $38).

Something unique to Come N Joy is the Lemon Cheese Chicken ($20, $38), created by the owner Michelle Lee. This dish sees deep-fried chicken tossed with lemon sauce, then topped over with melted cheese, creating a creamy meets tangy outer coating.

You can also expect other casual Korean dishes of Seafood Ramyun ($12.80), Bulgogi Bibimbao ($13.80) and Spicy Pork with Rice ($15.80) and Kimchi Stew with Mackerel Pike.

HSBC Credit Cardholders enjoy 15% off total bill.

Poke Doke
Opening Hours: 11.30am – 8.30pm (Mon – Sun)

For the Poke Bowl lovers, Poke Doke offers 3 different signature flavoured cuts of Norwegian Salmon, Ahi Tuna or Shitake Tofu, added with over 30 different toppings and sides for you to choose from.

Bowls come in Regular ($12.50) Medium ($14.90) Large ($18.90), and the best-selling marinate is the What’s Up Wasabi – a medley of Japanese horseradish and mayo.

You can also opt for the Spicy Almighty – hot sauce with Japanese mayo; The OG – shoyu and toasted sesame oil; and The Hippie which is a homemade sesame sauce combination.

Not Despacito but Pokerritto. This is the latest creation by the Poke Doke team, in which poke means burrito, wrapped up like a sushi roll with multi-coloured coating.

HSBC Credit Cardholders enjoys 15% off total food bill (applicable on weekdays after 4pm, and all day on weekends and public holidays)

Donergy Turkish Kebab
Opening Hours: 11:00am – 9.30pm (Mon – Sun)

Authentic Turkish eateries in Singapore are far and few between, which is why Donergy Turkish Kebab is always packing in the crowds during lunch time.

Get your fill of Tombik ($7, $8), Iskender ($12, $14, $15), Kebab with Rice ($9, $11, $12) and sweets from Falafel ($10), Hummus ($5), Kunefe ($10), Baklawa ($5), paired with ‘potent’ Turkish coffee and tea. If you had Turkish coffee before, you would know what I mean.

For a quick takeaway meal, I would recommend the Kebab Roll ($7, $8), coming in varieties of Chicken, Beef or Mixed where juicy morsels of grilled marinated chicken would be wrapped with refreshing vegetables.

Another unusual fine is the Pide, somewhat like a Turkish pizza with bread shaped like a boat topped with ingredients. Available with Sujuk (spicy sausage), Chicken, Beef, Mix or Cheese toppings ($9, $11, $12), this is good for sharing (to share those calories).

HSBC Credit Cardholders enjoy HSBC Credit Cardholder enjoy 15% off Iskenders and Pides.

Other than the 5 restaurants and cafes featured above, these are the other places where you can get HSBC dining deals.

Bel Mondo Italian Kitchen

Southern Italian cuisine from mains, thin-crusted pizza to pasta..
HSBC Credit Cardholders: 15% off a la carte bill (not applicable with other promotions)


Wide array of ramen created by its Michelin starred chef, Chef Yasuji Morizumi, hailed as ‘King of Ramen’.
HSBC Credit Cardholders: 15% off a la carte bill

Fumée by Habanos

6,000 square feet area incorporating two pastas, meats, beer, wine, whisky, and music.
HSBC Credit Cardholders: 15% off regular items

House of Gimbap

Specialising in premium Korean Gimbap (seaweed rice roll), Bibimbap (mixed rice) and Korean wellness tea
HSBC Credit Cardholders: 15% off a la carte menu

Jewel Coffee Millenia Walk

Artisinal brewed coffees in different forms paired with small bites.
HSBC Credit Cardholders: 15% off all espresso-based drinks

Joe & Dough

Specialty coffee, sandwiches and handcrafted bakes.
HSBC Credit Cardholders: 15% off food bill

Kurama Robatayaki and Yoi Sake Bar

Japanese grills with food preparation that allows for interaction between the chefs and the guests.
HSBC Credit Cardholders: 15% off selected items

Miharu Sapporo Ramen

Authentic Sapporo style miso ramen.
HSBC Credit Cardholders: 15% off total bill


Hearty food in a market table luncheon spread by day; modern brasserie with menu inspired by seasonal fresh produce by night.
HSBC Credit Cardholders: 15% off food & beverage bill (minimum spend $30, not applicable with other promotions, valid only for dine in)

#02 – 14

One of the largest Tonkatsu chains with over 500 stores worldwide specialising in Katsu.
HSBC Credit Cardholders: 15% off food bill (not applicable with other promotion or discount)

SBCD Korean Tofu House (opening in Oct)
Traditional Korean soft tofu soup and other Korean BBQ dishes.
HSBC Credit Cardholders: 15% off total food bill at SBCD Korean Tofu House (applicable on Mondays to Fridays, 3 to 10pm only. Not valid for drinks menu)

Teppei Syokudo

Well-loved signature Kaisendon alongside other popular Japanese food dishes.
HSBC Credit Cardholders: 15% off total bill

The Queen’s Inglish Pub

Modern English public house serving classic pub grub and bevvies.
HSBC Credit Cardholders: 15% off total bill. (Not applicable with other promotions, privileges and vouchers)

Tokyo Chopped Salad

Japanese chopped salad with specially crafted sauced by Chef Teppei Yamashita.
HSBC Credit Cardholders: 15% off total bill

Tomi Sushi

Japanese Sushi Restaurant offering nigiri, sushi gozen, chirashi and other bento sets.
HSBC Credit Cardholders: 15% off set menu and assorted sushi

Uma Uma

Ramen made according to a family recipe, with a robust tonkotsu stock.
HSBC Credit Cardholders: 15% off total bill (not applicable on weekends & public holidays)

Wine Universe

Brasserie food, Swiss specialties and large range of tapas and wines.
HSBC Credit Cardholders: 15% off a la carte food bill

* Offers are valid till 31 October 2017. Terms and conditions apply for all promotions. For more details on the latest HSBC dining promotions, visit This entry is brought to you In Partnership with HSBC Credit Cards.


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