Maybe I am biased, but some of the best food places around the world are in Asia, may it be Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Penang, Tokyo, Seoul, Jakarta, Shanghai, or Taipei.

Here are 10 Must-Go Breakfast Places at 10 Asian cities. Have You Checked Them Off Your Bucket List?

All of them are popular, some are iconic, some may not be the best around but have special significance.

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The next destination is one of these 10 cities. Any guesses?

Australia Dairy Company 澳洲牛奶公司
G/F, 47-49 Parkes Street, Jordan, Hong Kong (MTR Jordan Exit C2)
Opening Hours: 7:30am – 11:00pm (Closed Thurs)

Hong Kong
Australian Dairy Company – Long Queues, Short Service & Very Good Scrambled Eggs

At one of Hong Kong’s most popular and famous Hong Kong café (Cha Chaan Teng) Australia Dairy Company, expect attitudes, partly rude service, chaotic ambience, long queues, and a very good plate of scrambled eggs.

The morning set at HKD$28 (SGD$5) consisted of a buttered toast, scrambled eggs, macaroni soup with ham and coffee or tea.

Rule of thumb: Don’t be fussy, don’t appear lost and just order.

And yes, the buttered toast was soft and aromatic, and eating it with the famed scrambled eggs in the middle was just evidence at how the simplest food on earth could taste so blissful. The eggs were fluffy and tasty, some say the secret ingredient was canned cream soups, while I also heard Hokkaido milk.

Tai Lei Loi Kei 澳门大利来记猪扒包
35 Rua Correia da Silva, Taipa Village, Macau
Tel: +853 2882 7150
Opening Hours: 8:00a m – 6:00pm

Tai Lei Loi Kei – Famous Macau Pork Chop Bun in The Charming Taipa

The Pork Chop Bun is one of the most iconic food items from Macau, and one cannot leave there without trying this definitive street snack.

Tai Lei Lok Kei 大利来记 is probably the most well-known eatery aka touristy place try the Pork Chop Bun, established back in 1968 by Ms Kwok Loi-Ho. (You would see her face plastered every where in the shop.)

Even though the recommended is the Original Pork Chop Bun (MOP35, SGD$6), I say go for the Polo Pork Chop Bun version (MOP35, SGD$6) instead.

You get a slab of sweet-savoury marinated pork chop (said to be from Brazil) sandwiched between soft, fluffy sweet bun. The meat had a fine balance of leanness and tenderness, and none of that ‘porky’ aftertaste as well.

The Commons Level 4, 335 Thonglor Soi 17, Bangkok, Thailand (quite a walk from BTS Thonglor Station)
Opening Hours: 10am – 11pm (Mon-Thurs), 9am – 11pm (Fri-Sat), 9am – 10pm

Roast – Hipster Cafe At The Commons Has Good Coffee, And Brunch Food

The American style restaurant café has the ticks in the boxes – industrial brick-and-glass décor, spacious with tall ceilings like a large dining hall of a house, great vibes buzzing with lively people, extensive range of brunch items, mains and desserts, and very good coffee.

Singaporeans seem to love Roast A LOT, and can I add that The Commons is where you can café-hop the entire noon away.

Roast’s coffee is every part a winner, roasted in-house, using single origins (fresh brew coffee 120 baht SGD$4.90, French Press 140 baht SGD$5.60).

Food-wise, there is a strong emphasis on home-made constituents. All the pasta including gnocchi and squid ink fettuccini, bread, fries, and some accompanying sauces are made in-house. Try the Eggs Benedict (280 baht, SGD$13.80) served on flaky home-made croissant, or on Crab Cake and potato rosti (360 baht, SGD$14.60).

Isaac Toast (Myeongdong)
105 Toegye-ro, Chungmuro 1(il)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Opening Hours: 7:00am – 8:30pm (Mon – Sat), Closed Sun

Korean Toast – Fluffy Egg Toast With Cabbage And That Special Sauce

One of the most prominent and popular brands in Seoul is “Isaac Toast”.

Its outlet at Myeongdong (Myeongdong Station Exit 5, near Days Hotel) attracts constant long queues, with tourists going for the Bulgalbi MVP (3,200 Won, SGD$3.80), Bacon Best (2,800 Won, SGD$3.30) and Ham Special (2,400 Won, SGD$2.90).

You can also try other Korean Toast nearby as well. During the last trip, I took a short turn past Issac Toast, and found an ajumma serving similar toasts in a street side stall near Uniqlo (the biggest Uniqlo in Seoul) and decided to give it a go.

The Korean street version includes lots of thinly shredded vegetable, drizzles a special spicy-sweet sauce, and some will sprinkle sugar towards the end. Boy oh boy, it was “Daebak!”

Sushi Dai 寿司大 OR
Daiwa Sushi 大和寿司
Tsukiji Market Part 6 Building, 5-2-1 #6 (5-10 min walk from Tsukiji Shijo Station)
Tel: +03 3547 6807
Opening Hours: 5:00am – 1:00pm (Closed Sun, some Wed)

Sushi Dai or Daiwa Sushi – Freshest Sushi Breakfast From The Most Popular Fish Market

A sashimi and sushi breakfast is a MUST at Tsukiji. Imagine how fresh the fish would be since this is THE market where all the best sashimi comes from.

Although they are many sushi joints at Tsukiji, two shops attract the longest queue – Sushi Dai (寿司大) and Daiwa Sushi (大和寿司). Many chose to walk in random shops during their visits, without the queue, and their standards won’t be too far off.

Sushi Dai is the easily most popular joint in the whole of Tsukiji, with queues snaking at the side of the shop, and can take from 2 to 3 hours for your wait. Starting operations at 5am, the set of 10 pieces and 1 roll will set you back by 3900 yen (SGD$61, USD$50).

Daiwa Sushi, which is actually run by the son of the owner of Sushi Dai. It is said that the father and son team fish together and compete to see who can catch and make the best sushi in Tsukiji.

Pho 2000
Cho Ben Thanh, 1-3 Đ Phan Chu Trinh (opposite Ben Thanh Market)
District #1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Tel: +84 8 822 2788
Opening Hours: 7:00am – 9:00pm

Ho Chi Minh City
Pho 2000 – The ‘President’ Pho Shop Near Ben Thanh Market

Vietnam is known for its pho noodles, and Pho 2000 propelled to fame when it was visited by former US President Bill Clinton. (While this may not be the best pho around Ho Chi Minh City, it is well known.)

He visited the branch right next to Ben Thanh Market during the year 2000, and it was of significance as he was the first US president to visit Vietnam since the American-Vietnamese war. Plus, he ordered a second bowl then.

Go for the classic Pho Bo or Beef Noodle Soup (45,000VND, SGD$2.75) or Pho Ga / Chicken Noodle Soup (45,000VND), paired with Cha Gio Tom / Shrimp Spring Rolls.

For something more adventurous, there are also Beef Stew Noodles and Vegetarian Curry.

Xiao Yang’s (Yang’s Fried Dumplings)
2/F, 269 Wujiang Lu, near Taixing Lu 吴江路269号2楼, 近泰兴路
Tel: +86 21 6136 1391
Opening Hours: 7:00am – 9:00pm

Yang’s Fried Dumplings – Shanghai Street Food Delicacy

Shanghai’s must have breakfast delicacy Sheng Jian Bao seems similar to the more internationally well-known Xiao Long Bao.

Xiao Yang’s Sheng Jian or Yang’s Fried Dumpling which is fast expanding, specialises in this Shanghainese street food classic.

The Sheng Jian Bao, is pan-fried on a cast iron pan until the bottoms turn crispy brown. As water is also poured inside, there is a steaming effect which renders the top part fluffy. The real surprise comes from the fillings where tasty broth would be surrounding the juicy meat.

The dumplings are not expensive as well, costing 8RMB (SGD$1.60) for 4 pork-flavoured ones, and 16RMB (SGD$3.20) for 4 Shrimp Dumplings.

Ay Chung Rice Noodles 阿宗麵線 (Xi Men Ding)
No. 8-1 Emei Street, Taipei Wanhua District, Taipei City (East XMD Pedestrian Area, Xi Meng Ding Station Exit 6)
Tel: 02 2388 8808
Opening Hours: 10am – 10:30pm (Mon – Thurs), 10am – 11pm (Fri – Sun)

Ay Chung Rice Noodles – Must Have Street Food At Taipei Ximending

Every time I come to Taipei and if I make it to Ximending, I would have a bowl of this Taiwanese style vermicelli, which the locals call Mee-Sua.

Prices have gone up to NT$50 and NT$65 (SGD$2.30 and SGD$3.00 respectively for the small and large bowls.Compared to other Taiwanese mee sua which would probably include oysters, Ah Zong’s version had large intestines which were soft yet chewy.

The gravy looked like a gooey mess, but taste-wise savoury-spicy goodness with silky thin vermicelli. (Disclaimer lah: Mian Xian is really not everybody’s cup of tea, especially if you are not comfortable with pig’s intestines.)

You can find Ah Zong at Xi Men Ding 西门町 (E-mei street across rows of sports shops), Zhong Xiao Fu Xing 忠孝复兴 (behind Sogo) and Shilin Market 士林夜市.

Kafe Betawi
Plaza Indonesia, Jalan M H Thamrin Kav 28-30, Thamrin, Jakarta 10350, Central Jakarta, Tel: 021 319 09337
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm Daily

Kafe Betawi – Indonesian Street Food at One Of Jakarta’s Best Restaurant Chain

Betawi literally means ‘native Jakarta’, and to have some of the most delicious and authentic Indonesian street food in a comfortable restaurant setting, you can make your way to Kafe Betawi – one of the most successful chains in Indonesia opened since 1992.

Our table of 5 had quite a feast, considering each dish was less than RP20,000 to 50,000 (SGD$2-5), filling our tummies with Rujak Beubek (chopped fruit spicy salad), Mie Rebus, Ketoprak and a range of desserts and beverages. Oh, I am so raving for fresh thick Avocado juice right now.

Try the Kue Rangi (RP 21,000, SGD$2.20). If you haven’t seen or eaten before, Kue Rangi is grilled in a mould with a mixture of tapioca flour with grated coconut. When it is served piping hot, you pour brown melted sugar over, and it instantaneously becomes a pleasurable treat.

Crunchy on the outside, and chewy on the inside.

Toh Soon Cafe 多春茶室
184 Campbell Street, Off Penang Road, George Town, 10100 Penangaa
Tel : +604 2613754
Opening Hours: 8am-6pm (Closed on Sundays)

Toh Soon Cafe – Penang’s Traditional Coffee & Toast By The Alley

“Where’s Penang best coffee again?” Our guide then dropped us by the backlane, and we realised a crowd of people in a dark alley sandwiched between two old buildings.

Toh Soon Cafe 多春茶室 is known for the Hainanese coffee (RM1.70, SGD$0.55 for besar – large, RM$1.40, SGD$0.45 for kecil – small) was well-brewed, smooth, and fragrant, making it an irresistible cup of nostalgic tasting goodness.

Our toast finally came after 40 minutes (since the moment we arrived). Charcoal-grilled the traditional way right in front of your eyes, this had a crisp texture, spread with home-made kaya.

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