[Sydney] I have never quite expected to find a ‘legit’ Japanese matcha café at this part of the world. At least not with a name called “Cre Asion”, located at a hidden alley off Alberta Street in Sydney.

Cre Asion has quickly entered my heart as one of my favourites down under, because it serves two of my desired food in a single place – matcha latte and scrambled eggs. And do them well.

Looking at the appearance alone, you would not have imagined this was a Japanese café – which would usually fit into the cookie-cutter of clean, simple, woody aka MUJI décor.

The café was small and cramped, and could sit about 6-8 maximum inside. There was always a queue, and staff looked sometimes overwhelmed.

Most would order take away, or find a space outside, looking like they were seating comfortably around low chairs and with small square tables. That would make do.

It is no wonder the quality of the bakes are respectable. Owner-Chef Yu Sasaki comes from a fine dining background, having worked at Marque, Universal and French Laundry.

Offerings at Cre Asion include Sandwiches (AUD$10 -$12) such as Double Smoked Ham, Spinach, Gruyere and Dijon Mustard; House Made Granala (AUD$8.50), and Crushed Avocado and Preserved Lemon (AUD$8).

What people go those in the display shelve, of green coloured pastries and desserts such as Matcha Muffin with Azuki and Cream Cheese, Matcha Fondant, Matcha Swiss Rolls, Matcha Shortbread, and Matcha Cookies. Some get sold out too quick.

All Japanese tea is imported from the Shimane prefecture in Japan.

It was perhaps because I was having the Matcha Green Tea Latte in a 15 degrees or so weather, but after the very first sip, I already wanted to order my next cup – an iced one (additional $1).

This cup reminded me of Japan. I haven’t found anywhere else that does matcha latte like that… sexy, alluring, lingering bitterness with a light touch of sweetness.

Was it Australia’s milk too? Because the cows roamed happier, and the milk was just better.

I didn’t have intention to order eggs because I was all arms for matcha, but decided anywhere because I needed some protein and Australia’s eggs couldn’t go far too wrong.

Oh my freaking goodness.

The Scrambled Eggs with Toast (AUD$10) was just on a class of its own. Truly just eggs and bread. But how they could make something so look so seemingly simple taste so fluffy, gooey, layered, flavourful and smooth at the same time, beats me.

I tried to convince my friends to come (their hotel was just behind *gasp*), but they were disinterested. It could be the off-location or the not-very-hip name.

Nevermind. I returned just before I needed to catch a plane, had another plate of Scrambled Eggs, and felt overjoyed. Sometimes, it could really be the simplest things.

(I am going back Sydney, and am still wondering if I should have another plate of eggs, half-worried that it would lose that initial magic. How?)

Cre Asion
101/21 Alberta Street, Sydney, Australia 2000 (near Surry Hills)
Tel: 02 8021 1629
Opening Hours: 8:00am – 4:00pm (Mon – Fri), 9:00am – 4:00pm (Sat)
Google Maps – Cre Asion

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