Opus Bar & Grill at the Hilton Singapore can be considered as one of the best steak restaurants in Singapore, paying special attention to the sourcing, storage and cooking of their meats.

It felt good to return, especially on an evening before weekends to wind down. My other groups of friends (interesting mainly the females) had dined a couple of times for their steaks, sides and free bottle of wine.

The lesson they learnt, was to explore “the other parts of Orchard Road”.

On the above point, we laughed that food shouldn’t be gender-categorised, as I realised that my female friends DO LOVE their steaks.

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Walking into Opus, you would observe an open grill concept with specially customised cabinets at the back.

The team is serious about doing steaks well.

These are bespoke Himalayan salt tile ageing cabinets which are not even commonly found in Singapore. The signature prime meat cut, OP rib served there are dry-aged between 14 to 36 days.

How it works (needed to do some reading here) is that dry-aging helps the natural enzymes present in the meat to break down the muscle tissue, which further tenderises while creating a more intense depth of flavour.

The cabinet also helps to deter bacterial growth, and infuses the meat with a hint of Himalayan-salty notes.

The prime cuts of meats – USDA-certified 100 days corn-fed and top-grade Australian cuts, are then grilled over an open-flame charcoal grill, seared over white-hot coals, for that caramelisation, aroma and smoky flavour.

The ‘simple’ cooking techniques are considered not ‘revolutionary’, but to let quality ingredients speak for themselves.

Over at Opus, you can order the Signature 800g Ranger Valley Angus OP rib dry-aged, marble score 4 ($120 for 2 persons), 220g U.S Greater Omaha 100 days corn-fed prime grade cuts or 220g Kobe Cuisine Australian Wagyu Rib-eye, marble score 6 ($92).

Here are some of the other NEW highlights:

1 to 1.2kg U.S. Porterhouse Steak (serves two) – $128++
There are different types of steak lovers – those who know exactly what cut they want; those who go with the flow.

If you belong to the 2nd category, you can perhaps try a Porterhouse. This cut is newly introduced at Opus Bar & Grill.

A Porterhouse can be considered as one of the “four high end steaks”, a type of T-bone much larger and is usually served for two. The USDA specifications require the filet portion must be at least 1.25″ thick at its widest point to qualify labeling as a “Porterhouse Steak”.

My tip? Always be hungry enough before ordering a Porterhouse.

What I liked about the Porterhouse is you can experience two steaks in one. Because it is a T-bone, part of it would consist of “strip” with good marbling with slightly beefier flavour. This will be the portion which will be moderately tender, with a bit of chew.

The other part is the “tenderloin” which is tender-buttery, low-fat, and lower in flavour comparatively.

You could choose to add some condiments such as sea-salt or sauces of as béarnaise, garlic herb butter, black truffle & mushroom, green peppercorn, and bone marrow with red wine. I enjoyed the pairing with the truffle and bone marrow sauces best.

300g DeRaza Iberico Pork Rack – $35++
I was pleasantly surprised with the newly introduced Pork Rack. Pork is not always my first choice in a steak restaurant for obvious reasons, but I will order this again.

The main reservations we had about pork was that it could tend to be dry, tough or had a strong ‘porky’ taste.

This had not of the above. Seared to the right doneness, the slab was juicy and firm yet luscious to the bite. The meat can be complemented with creamy garlic herb butter.

After finding out more about the Ibérico pig, this is actually an exclusive breedindigenous to a very unique region of Spain. How this breed differs from the rest is that it is able to accumulate fat under its skin and between its muscular fibres.

This is what produces the typical white streaks and high marbling that make this meat special, and so tender after cooking.

(Chef specifically wanted me to take a close up shot to see how beautiful the meat is. It is true that it was gorgeous-looking, especially in real life.)

300g Grilled Lamb Racks – 3 pieces – $38++
This Rack of Lamb had some Asian flavours which I found appealing, atypical from the usual. Simple marination, the racks are masterfully charcoal grilled giving it a unique, smokey flavour.

Side Dishes Selection
Any good meal with the grilled meats is not complete with the sides.

There are 9 to choose from here – Arugula, vine tomatoes, shaved parmesan, Baby green salad; Portobello mushrooms; Grilled Green Asparagus; Smoked Risotto, leek, pecorino; Mac & Cheese; Broccoli; Garlic Mash Potato, and Truffle Fries.

The most popular sides are the Smoked Risotto, Mac & Cheese and Truffle Fries (but of course – we finished it easily).

I like to balance my meats with ‘greens’, and found the crunchy Grilled Green Asparagus and soft and tasty Portobello Mushrooms my personal favourites.

Opus Bar & Grill
Hilton Singapore Lobby Level, 581 Orchard Road Singapore 238883
Tel: +65 6730 3390
Email: Opus@hilton.com
Opening Hours: Dinner 6:30pm – 10:30pm (Mon – Sun)
Bar 10:00am – 12:00am (Mon – Sun)

Opus Bar & Grill X DanielFoodDiary.com Promotion For April 2019
From 1 to 30 April 2019, quote “DFDOpus4” to get a complimentary bottle of premium red wine (worth $90++) with any order of Opus sharing steaks from $128++.

– Valid from Sunday to Thursday only.
– Limited to 10 redemptions per day. 1 redemption per table.
– Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers and discount benefits.
– Reservations recommend. Email Opus@hilton.com, or call +65 6730 3390.

Opus Bar & Grill
Lobby Level, Hilton Singapore, 581 Orchard Road Singapore 238883
Tel: +65 6730 3390
Opening Hours: Dinner 6:30pm – 10:30pm (Mon – Sun)
Bar 10am – 12am Midnight (Mon – Sun)
Email: Opus@hilton.com
Website: https://www.hiltonsingaporerestaurants.com/opus-bar-grill

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