[Tokyo] Matcha lovers from Singapore to Tokyo and Kyoto may get confused between the different “Tsujiri”s around.

Just for your information, the Tsujiri chain store that we see in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taipei, Bangkok, Malaysia, Melbourne, is NOT the same as the famous Gion Tsujiri found in Kyoto and Tokyo.

You can spot the difference from the logos, the kanji characters (都路里 found in Japan vs 辻利) or well by drinking the teas if you are discerning enough. Some may be surprised that the Tsujiri that we are more familiar with, had no branches in Japan.

This entry is on the Saryo Tsujiri 茶寮 都路里found at Daimaru Tokyo, under the Gion Tsujiri company.

Finding this green tea specialised Japanese café wasn’t that difficult. Just take a train to the centralised Tokyo station, find Daimaru and make your way up to the 10 floor.

The queue to get in was extremely long though, mainly frequented by Japanese female customers. I waited for about 50 minutes or so before I could get a seat, but this could be because I visited during peak period.

The highlights of this store are the different matcha, genmaicha and houjicha parfaits, layered or topped with cakes pieces, red bean, matcha or vanilla gelato, anmitsu (jelly cubes) and rice cake.

I had a limited edition Sakura flavour exclusive to this store (¥ 1544, SGD$19.30) pricier than usual due to the quality of the ingredients used.

The parfait was a good-looker, arranged in a tall cup with all ingredients in different shapes and sizes coming together as a whole.

This dessert was not just ice cream or softserve, but one which you could experience the layered textures with cake and jelly, and sweetness level – the matcha parts had bitter notes, while the sweeter azuki acted as a fine partner.

Good quality matcha is just different.

I do not know how to fully describe the cup I had, but it was smooth, fresh-tasting, pleasantly-bitter and complex at the same time.

Another surprising drink I had was the Matcha Lemon, which I didn’t expect to be in perfect harmony with each other.

The sweetness light and alluring, with an initial taste of earthy matcha followed by zesty lemon (I wondered how it would be if I were to replicate at home.)

Saryo Tsujiri at Daimaru Tokyo comes with a small departmental section for you to purchase matcha, houjicha and genmaicha home, including instant ones.

Another travel tip: also make your way to Daimaru Tokyo where you would be greeted with the most amazing spread of Japanese goodies and souvenirs.

Saryo Tsujiri Daimaru Tokyo 茶寮 都路里
10F Daimarutokyo Yaesu North, Chiyoda 100-6710, Tokyo Prefecture (Tokyo Station)
Tel: +81 3 3214 3322
Opening Hours: 10:00am – 8:00pm (Mon – Wed, Sat – Sun), 10:00am – 9:00pm (Thurs – Fri)

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