I overheard a common question here, “What’s A-ffo-ga-to ah?”

Affogato which means “drowned” in Italian, is a coffee-based dessert, usually served with a scoop (or two) of ice cream. In the end, ‘drowned’ with a shot of hot espresso.

Located within Cluny Court at Bukit Timah Road, The Affogato Bar is a stone’s throw away from Botanic Gardens MRT (CC19/DT9) Exit A, with popular Atlas Coffeehouse and Crown Bakery & Cafe in the vicinity.

Specializing in Affogato (as their name implies) and Coffee, the cosy 15 seaters cafe is a relaxing place for an afternoon respite.

A selection of 5 affogato is available, all served with double shots of espresso from the Dimattina coffee blends in Melbourne, Australia.

The 4 coffee blends used for the Affogato include Prima Tazza (Columbia base) with hints of hazelnut and blackcurrant, La Tazza (Brazil & New Guinea) with a bold dark cocoa taste, Grande Tazza (Costa Rican) with a honey and Belgian chocolate taste and Mocharoma (Nicaraguan) with a floral and fruity flavour.

Think Death by Chocolate ($13.90) and Pot of Honey ($11.90) served with Costa Rica base espresso, Carota Carota ($13.90) and Banana Ramble ($12.90) served with Nicaraguan base espresso and Classic White ($10.90) served with v base espresso.

While the price may seem slightly steeper compared to other cafes serving affogato, I was pleasantly surprised with the presentation (for the Instagram-worthy pourshot) and elements in it, more sophisticated than the usual affogato.

Oh well, after all, they are an affogato specialised cafe.

The Banana Ramble ($12.90) came with banana pecan ice cream, pieces of banana cake, banana slices, pecans and topped with double shots of Mocharoma (Nicaraguan base espresso) with floral and fruity tone.

More than just a drink, as what most of the cafes will classify it, the espresso shot complemented well with the banana base desserts without overpowering it.

The contrast in texture was also distinct, with crunchiness from the pecan and chewiness from the banana slices.

For the espresso drinks, La Tazza (Brazil & New Guinea) with a bold dark cocoa taste was used to cater to the local palate.

Their signature Bittersweet Symphony ($5.50 Hot/ $6.50 Cold) boasted a dark cocoa finish with vanilla chai in it.

Their Dirty Chai Latte ($5.50 Hot/ $6.50 Cold) had a full- bodied, smooth with well-balanced hints of cinnamon in it.

Apart from their selection of coffee and affogato, the bar also offers Bagels ($2.90 for one, $15.90 for six) with options such as cream cheese, dill & onion, sun-dried tomato, maple walnut & raisins.

A complimentary cup of coffee is available from Monday till Friday (8am – 11am) with every order of Bagel Sandwich: Roast Beef ($14.50), Breakfast Club ($12.50), Egg & Onion ($10.50).

Even though The Affogato Bar is at its initial stage of operation, it seems like it has a strong identity in the selection.

Looking forward to more choices here in the future, and perhaps a takeaway concept for the Affogato due to the space constrains.

The Affogato Bar
501 Bukit Timah Road, #01-04B, Cluny Court, Singapore 259760
Opening Hours: 8:00am – 11:00pm (Mon – Sun)

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* Written by Nicholas Tan @stormscape who loves all things [NEW]. Daniel’s Food Diary pays for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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