Been to Great World City recently? You would have noticed the brand NEW Japanese Food Street Shokutsu Ten at the basement, all brightly lighted up modelled after yatai street stalls.

Japanese food lovers can now literally ‘restaurant-hop’ from Ami Ami, Shimbashi Soba, Men-ichi Sapporo Ramen, to the existing Ichiban Boshi and Kuriya Japanese Market.

I have been to the Ichiban Boshi at Great World City a number of times, and it is typically crowded with families and groups especially the weekends. They obviously see a demand, and this is a good call to offer more variety to the diners in the vicinity.

My interest was in Ami Ami as this is a new-to-market brand in Singapore.

(Click PLAY for video highlights of Ami Ami.)

Ami Ami which means ‘net’ in Japanese, is a Tempura, Robatayaki and Seafood-focused restaurant.

It is helmed by award-winning Master Chef Naoki Tsuzuki with over two decades of culinary experience.

You can easily spot him with his jovial face and signature pink Chef’s uniform – can’t miss that.

As its name suggests, a strong selling point at Ami Ami is that the seasonal catch of the freshest quality is air-flown from Japan three times per week.

What immediately appealed to me were the counter seats, where you can watch the tempura masters fry the hot tempura behind, then presented to you on your plate. FRESH.

Yes, piping hot tempura battered, deep-fried a la minute, served piece by piece.

While tempura counters are more common over at Japan and in fine-dining tempura restaurants, you hardly see them here at more casual dining eateries.

Here are the signature Ami Ami dishes you can expect

Ami Ami Tempura Set ($45.80++)
The signature set is very value-for-money, as it includes prawn, chicken, fish, vegetable tempura deep fried ala-minute, along with Sashimi of the day, Charcoal-grilled live scallop, Egg tempura & vegetable kakiage tempura rice bowl, Miso soup and Pickles.

That’s a spread.

Every tempura item was coated in fluffy-light batter, fried in an original blend of sesame oil and soya bean oil to make it crisper. I liked that the pieces tasted fresh, and were not too oily.

I would recommend sitting at the counter so that you can experience some interactivity with the chefs, where pieces are freshly presented while they are still piping hot.

You can have the tempura dipped in tempura sauce, drizzled with the sweet tendon sauce, or just sprinkled with some salt to better appreciate the original flavours of the ingredients.

Ten Don Set ($23.80++, ala carte $20.80++) (Limited to 10 sets, available during lunch)
See that egg. The must order. Tempura Prawn, vegetable and original egg tempura on rice served with pickles, miso soup and chawanmushi.

The highlight is the Tempura Onsen Egg, first wrapped in deep-fried beancurd skin then deep-fried. Crisp on the outside, oozy on the inside.

Watch it burst, then mix it with the rice or use the runny egg yolk as a dip for the tempura.

Take note, the Tempura Rice Bowl set is limited to only 10 daily. (Why…)

If you add $3.50 for an upgrade, you get a flask of dashi broth. Pour the soup over the tendon (towards the end with some rice), with sprinkled spring onion, shredded nori and a dash of wasabi for a different way of eating.

Original Egg Tempura Rice ($6.50++)
The kids should love this, just the Egg Tempura on rice.

Air-flown Fish Robatayaki Set (Seasonal price of fish + $24.80++)
Ami Ami combines both a tempura and robatayaki concept.

Over at the Robatayaki counter, seafood is grilled slowly over charcoal flame, a process said to bring out the best flavours of the ocean.

The signature Air-flown Fish Robatayaki Set (Seasonal price of fish + $24.80++) is a generous spread of charcoal-grilled air-flown seasonal fish, charcoal-grilled live scallop, and a selection of fresh sashimi served with rice.

Ask for a Kinki fish if they have. While it may not be the most instagrammable dish, you should enjoy its soft, sweet-tasty meat with smoky flavours.

Live Scallop Robatayaki – With Crabmeat, Uni, Salmon Roe
Fleshy, plump scallops charcoal-grilled.

Have them with indulgent 3 toppings of crabmeat, uni (sea urchin) and salmon roe ($19.80++); crabmeat ($12.80++) or with the classic house-special sauce ($7.80++).

Here are other food items I tried on the menu:

’Fuji’ Sashimi 5 Kinds ($26.80++ for two pax)
Assortment of the freshest seafood.

Snow Crab Garlic Rice ($15.80)

Seafood Nagekomi ($18.80)

Matcha Cream Daifuku Mochi ($4.00)

My favourite is still probably the freshly deep-fried tempura, and the Tendon. If you intend to head over, do note that the Tempura & Robatayaki counter seats at Ami Ami are on a first-come first-served basis.

Promo: During Ami Ami’s opening special, you can enjoy $6.80++ per glass of selected sparkling wine with any food order.

Ami Ami
Shokutsu Ten Japanese Food Street, #B1-03/04, Great World City, 1 Kim Seng Promenade, Singapore 237994
Tel: +65 6835 9071
Opening Hours: 11.30am – 3:00pm, Last Rrder 2.30pm (Mon – Sun)
5.30pm – 10:00pm, Last Order 9.30pm (Mon – Sun)

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Shokutsu Ten Japanese Food Street.



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