[Closed] Wimbly Lu Chocolates can be considered a familiar name, an “early day” cafes which started back in 2013.

Known for its chocolate desserts, ice cream and waffles, Wimbly Lu Chocolates first started off in a quaint little neighborhood of Jalan Riang (off Serangoon).

It then established Little Wimbly Lu, a small store at Serangoon Gardens which carries their dessert items, and has now expanded with another full-fledged café at Tyrwhitt Road.

Their formula to success? Probably would be sticking to what they do best.

While recent café trends have been rather gimmicky with vibrant colored food products, Wimbly Lu has chosen to stay true to their roots.

One cannot help but to view the store at Tyrwhitt as banking on the same formula as Jalan Riang.

For instance, both has cozy interior seating space, as well as air-conditioned courtyard seats where the see-through glass ceiling would let in ample natural light.

Photo spot alert.

Food offerings are more or less identical, with All-Day Dining options such as Carbonara ($10), Chicken Baked Rice ($11) and Beef Lasagna ($15).

On weekends, there are comfort breakfast choices such as Eggs Benedict ($13), Crepes ($10 – $12) and Grand Slam ($17) – their rendition of big breakfast.

Not forgetting their extensive selections of desserts ranging from cakes, ice creams and waffles.

Wimbly Lu’s Waffles are probably one of the highly rated around years ago, known for their light and crispy texture.

This is best accompanied with a scoop of recommended ice cream flavors like Rum & Raisin, Honey Cinnamon or Salted Caramel ($8.50 with single scoop)

If you are a first timer, go for the rich and moist Root Beer Float Cake ($6) served in a cocktail “glass” for the novelty factor.

Despite Wimbly Lu being a chocolate café, my personal favorite would be the Lemon Meringue Pie ($7).

I liked how its blend of tangy lemon curd was overlaid with glazed meringue for a mild sweet touch.

Not sure if the choice of location is ideal as they face fierce competition from neighbors in the vicinity like Chye Seng Huat Hardware, Tiramisu Hero and VXX Cooperative (Foch Road)

However, café hoppers who have always wanted to try Wimbly Lu but previously deterred by its geographical location, would be glad hear about this more accessible and centralised location.

Wimbly Lu @ Tyrwhitt Road
166 Tyrwhitt Road, Singapore 207570
Tel: +65 6291 8138
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm (Mon, Wed – Sat), 11am – 6pm (Sun)

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* Written by Lewis Tan @juicyfingers, a self-proclaimed coffee addict. Daniel’s Food Diary paid for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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