From a humble pop-up stall to takeaway kiosk in Johor Bahru KSL City, D’Laksa has come a long way since 2012.

It finally found a home in our Singapore heartlands at Hougang Mall.

I remembered that it was the aromatic (some will say “pungent”) smell of the unique Assam broth which filled the whole KSL basement that led me to discover this gem.

Since then I will usually “dabao” (takeaway) this back to Singapore to share with others.

Priced at RM5 (SGD 1.60) over at JB, each bowl was filled with generous portion of Lai Fun (an even thicker version of thick bee hoon noodles) coupled with thick luscious Assam broth containing chunky sardine meat and toppings like chopped mint leaves, cucumber, onions and pineapples.

Plus a dash of prawn paste for that extra flavor. So much bliss.

Similarly to the Malaysia counterparts, the branch in Singapore at the basement of Hougang Mall operates as a takeaway kiosk.

Each bowl of the Assam Laksa competitively priced at SGD$3.50.

While the combination of sweet-savory-sourish-spicy flavored broth may not appeal to some, their rendition of Assam Laksa is definitely one of the authentic flavors around.

When I compared this to what I had from Malaysia, the taste of the broth was thankfully more or less similar. Still as “gao” (rich), I like.

The toppings did look less generous though, and you would probably be lucky to find the occasional sardine pieces in the soup.

However this price, considering the possible rental here, I am not complaining that much.

Something new on the menu would be the Assam Laksa fish balls ($2.50 for 5 pcs). Constantly cooked in a bubbling pot of Assam Broth, it reminded me of the Hong Kong street food style curry fish balls.

While I was expecting the Assam flavor to penetrate deeper into the fish balls, the flavor was kept only at the outer layer.

Maybe next time I should buy these nearer the end of the day instead?

I like how D’Laksa Singapore is considerate when it comes to takeaway, by prepacking all ingredients neatly and encourage to pack soup and noodles separately so that they won’t turn soggy.

Now I can easily satisfy my Assam Laksa craving, without the Causeway jam.

D’Laksa Singapore
90 Hougang Ave 10 #B1-K7, Hougang Mall, Singapore 538766
Opening Hours: 11:00am – 10:00pm Daily

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* Written by Lewis Tan @juicyfingers, a self-proclaimed coffee addict. Daniel’s Food Diary pays for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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