Calling a restaurant “Tsukiji Fish Market Restaurant” after THE famous Tsukiji wholesale market at Tokyo can be an uncertain move.

While the name is easy to recall, and those not in the know may even think they are related, it is a loaded title that will carry along huge expectations. (On another note, it is disadvantageous for SEOs and google searches as well.)

Tsukiji Fish Market Restaurant is located on the rooftop garden of Orchard Central. Fantastic view by the way. (Tip: You need to take the correct elevator to get up there to Level 12, otherwise you will land up to be in a maze game.)

There are 6 different concepts under one roof, though only 3 are opened now.

They are:
– Tsukiji Fish Market Restaurant for seasonal fresh fish and seafood. Essentially the sushi and sashimi.
– Takumen Ramen Galley, offering 3 different types of ramen.
– Ebi Zo Ebi Tempura Restaurant
– Ikezaki Japanese BBQ (not yet opened)
– Tori-Sho Chicken (not yet opened)
– Ueki Omakase Restaurant (not yet opened)

Perhaps because not all concepts are launched, there seems to be a lack of vibrancy, interactivity and energy one would expect from a “Tsukiji Fish Market”.

Tsukiji Fish Market Restaurant
The menu you look at for a comprehensive range of food, from sushi, sashimi, grill, donburi, salads, and tempura.

I ordered a Tsukiji Special Bara Chirashi Sushi Don ($19.80) which was a standard bowl of cubed sashimi. The rice used was interestingly moderately sweet and sticky, though I wished the fish could have been sliced thicker for a more satisfying mouthfeel.

Due Italian Ramen – Ramen with cheese and ham in chicken broth.

Bigya Ramen – Special whole wheat flour noodles in shoyu soup scented with yuzu.

Sakuta-ya – Lekei ramen in rich broth.

Takumen Ramen Gallery
3 different types of ramen are served, included 2 with Michelin Bib Gourmand from where it originated – Due Italian ($16.80) originally conceived by an Italian chef; and Bigiya ($16.80) with a shoyu based ramen scented with yuzu.

I had all 3, and it turned out that my favourite was not the above 2, but Sakuta-ya ($16.80) – a rich broth lekei ramen.

Perhaps it was the execution of the former two, the noodles turned out to be too soggy, and therefore marred the overall taste.

The Due Italian bowl could also be hotter, so that the cheese could blend within better.

Ebi Zo Ebi Tempura Restaurant
My favourite dish of the lot was the Ebizo Signature Tempura Don ($18.80) which was generously piled with tempura seafood, egg and mushroom.

The pieces were crisp enough, and ingredients fresh. While the savoury-sweet tendon sauce might not have been as impressionable as some of the popular stores in Singapore, it was appetising enough for me.

People will come with expectations to a Tsukiji Fish Market Restaurant. There is a wide range of food items to appeal to groups and family.

What they can further work on is to build up the vibes and mood, and perhaps look into the consistency of the different menus. Can be confusing.

Oh yes, skip the matcha crepe cake. Lady M is downstairs.

Tsukiji Fish Market Restaurant
181 Orchard Road #12-02 Orchard Central Singapore 238896
Tel: +65 6634 2803
Opening Hours: 12:00pm – 2:30pm, 6:00pm – 10:00pm Daily

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