The trio siblings, Faye, Anna and Jack Sai got into the radar by being young hawkers selling sock-brewed coffee in Singapore, with the kopi drinks added with a flavoured twist.

Here’s what so special.

Firstly, not many Singaporeans of the younger generation want to be hawkers. Hard work, long hours, hot unfavourable environment compared to an office job.

Secondly, not many children want to take over their parents’ hawker stall. Coffee Break was established by their father at Boon Tat Street, which was later re-located to Amoy Street Food Centre.

Their grandfather also owned a coffee shop called San Hai Yuan more than 80 years ago. A vintage sign from the old shop hangs on the current wall.)

Thirdly, not many (if not, no other) stalls serve flavoured kopi, from Black Sesame, Taro Milk, Mint, Melon Milk, Masala and Almond Ginger.

The key difference is, Coffee Break’s coffee is sock-brewed the traditional way. The beans are initially roasted with sugar and margarine, which brings out the natural, rich flavours of coffee.

For their latte, an additional shot of arabica is added.

A cup of traditional kopi or teh cost $2.00 for hot, $2.50 for cold.

I like their kopi enough – smooth, has enough of that coffee kick, and balanced in terms of the evaporated milk proportion. I wished for a bigger cup, or at least if there is an up-sized option.

Unless some of the other chain kopi stalls which can go anything from very bitter, diluted, to weird, Coffee Break got theirs quite consistent.

I have yet to try all their Latte flavours, but the Sea Salt Caramel and Black Sesame Latte ($4.80) worked better, especially the former.

Beneath that layer of coffee-robustness, you get a tinge of sea-salt and caramel which to me, was more ‘fun’ to drink.

Some of the other flavours such as Taro Milk and Rose seemed to have ‘drowned’ within, and I think better management of proportion could have helped.

Toast made with whole-wheat bread, with fancy fillings of Taro Crème, Matcha Coconut Crème, Key Lime Crème and Tiramisu Crème are available. $3.30 ala carte, $4.90 or $5.40 with coffee sets (depending on hot or cold).

Note: They used to have cafe outlets at Raffles Place at Science Park, but both have closed.

Coffee Break
Amoy Street Food Centre #02-78, 7 Maxwell Road, Singapore 069111
Tel: +65 8100 6218
Opening Hours: 7:30am – 2:30pm (Mon – Fri), Closed Sat – Sun

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