Oh, a bird’s nest café in Singapore. And at Valley Point of all places.

Do not be surprised if you get Waffles with Bird’s Nest, Coffee with Bird’s Nest, and Macaron’s with Bird’s Nest. Yes, I am being serious. These are all available.

By starting this Bird’s Nest Café Nesture, the owners hope this one-of-a-kind-café in Singapore can be an avenue to educate customers about Bird’s Nest, and how to buy genuine Bird’s Nest.

What are available include ready-to-enjoy bird’s nest and desserts for the busy working class.

As a point of reference, a Double Boiled Classic Bowl with Rock Sugar is priced at $16.90, while a premium bowl goes for $25.90.

Tai Tais and celebrities take Bird’s Nest as it is said to be an antioxidant and immunity booster, loved for its anti-aging quality.

Of course I would have wanted to consume this every day to see if it can help rejuvenate my skin, but money, money, money.

The recommended items at Nesture include Gula Malaka Creme Brûlée with Bird’s Nest ($8.90), Double Boiled Asian Pear with Wolfberry ($12.90), Red Dates and Almond with Bird’s Nest ($12.90), Orr Nee with Bird’s Nest ($12.90), Almond Cream with Bird’s Nest ($12.90) and Bird’s Nest Macaron ($2.80).

I thought that the Asian desserts and drinks such as the Honey Lemon or Ginseng with Rock Sugar ($6) worked better with the Bird’s Nest.

Perhaps it was psychological as well.

The Double Boiled Asia Pear with Wolfberry ($12.90) was a refreshing bowl of sweetness, with soft, cooling Asian pear in the middle. This is also said to be nourishing for the lungs, and good for dry throat.

The owners prepare this dessert fresh every day.

Bird’s Nest in Coffee didn’t work for me, as the gel-like pieces were simply lost in the drink, and you would really just straw it down like soft jelly.

What is good to know: Nesture manages the whole process from harvesting bird’s nest, cleaning, quality control, and packaging for retail outlets. Their own house nests are located at Sumatra, Indonesia.

491 River Valley Road, Valley Point Shopping Centre #01-13, Singapore 248371
Tel: +65 6821 1771
Opening Hours: 12:00pm – 10:00pm (Mon – Sun)

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