[Bangkok] The highly anticipated PABLO Cheese Tart from Osaka has opened in Bangkok at the ground floor of Siam Paragon (nearer the food court side).

Just FYI, the cheese tarts are also available in Kuala Lumpur at 1 Utama Shopping Centre Old Wing Level 2; and Jakarta at Gandaria City Mall UG floor.

With multiple outlets outside Japan across Asia such as South Korea, Philippines, Indonesia (and soon in Singapore at Wisma Atria), we can easily get our hands on the original Pablo Cheese Tart… IF we travel to these countries.

The popular tart, like a piece of art, derived its name from artist Pablo Picasso.

In Japan, the modern-day desserts emphasize more on odorokashi, a play on words that means “desserts with an element of surprise”.

Pablo reflects that notion, and just like choosing the doneness of a steak, there is an option of “Medium or Rare” for the filling.

The latter is more molten and flowy, but is unavailable in outlets outside Japan. Sad!

The menu of Pablo at the Bangkok outlet features their iconic big Cheese Tart in flavours such as Cheese (THB 415, SGD$16.60), Matcha/ Chocolate (THB 475, SGD 19) and Seasonal (V Day Special) Choco Marshmallow Tart (THB 495, SGD 19.80).

For an upgraded atas version, the Premium Cheese Tart (THB 780, SGD 31.20), is made using 2 different types of cream cheese with a creme brûlée layer on top, priced at almost double of their signature Cheese Tart.

For something lighter, Pablo Mini Tart (THB 75, SGD$3) and Pablo Mini Matcha Tart (THB90, SGD$3.60), Matcha Softserve (THB 95, SGD$3.80) and Cheese Softserve (THB 90, SGD$3.60) are available.

Packed into individual gift-worthy boxes, my favourite was the Matcha Cheese Tart (THB 475, SGD 19).

Think this will make matcha fans go cray cray. Encased within the golden, flaky crust and filled to the brim is the matcha filling that eluded a fragrant tea aroma.

What was more surprising were the ingredients hidden within the fillings.

Azuki red beans to elevate the sweetness and Shiratama Dango (glutinous rice dumplings) for a chewy texture that complemented well with the slight bitterness in the wobbly matcha fillings.

So oishii!

The visit to Pablo was not complete without trying out their signature Original Cheese Tart (THB 415, SGD$16.60), with a mousse-like cheese filling, glazed with apricot jam.

Since there was only one option – “Medium” for Pablo outlets outside Japan, the custard, mousse-like fillings were disappointingly ordinary and predictable.

The only interesting element was the layer of apricot jam on the top of the cheese tart, which gave it a fruity taste, but could be slightly overpowering.

More than just cheese tarts, cheese soft serve was also available in both Original Cheese (THB 90, SGD$3.60) and Matcha (THB 95, SGD$3.80).

My favourite was the Cheese Softserve (THB 90, SGD$3.60) which had a thick but smooth and creamy texture.

The cheese taste was subtle but detectable, and not too heavy and overpowering.

Fans of matcha (including me) would probably get the Matcha Softserve (THB 95, SGD$3.80), strong in both matcha and cheese taste.

The two overpowered each another. The result? Neither flavour stood out.

While the pricing of the Cheese Tarts is almost consistent throughout the outlets in Asia and could be slightly on the high side (THB 415 – 780, SGD$16.60 – 31.20), I am not too sure if I will queue up for it again.

It was a pity I didn’t get to try the highly-raved “Rare” version of the cheese tart, unique with molten fillings oozing out of the tart.

Probably only the outlets in Japan where I can get to try the highly-raved “Rare” version.

Pablo Cheese Tart Thailand
Pablo, G/F, Siam Paragon, Bangkok, Thailand
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

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* Written by Nicholas Tan @stormscape who loves all things [NEW]. Daniel’s Food Diary pays for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


  1. “Encased within the golden, flaky crust and filled to the brim is the matcha filling that eluded a fragrant tea aroma.”
    Eluded or exuded sia… eluded = no fragrant tea aroma?

    Have the same sentiments after trying the original cheese tart… It was really disappointing. Their Sabrel cheese cookies are really good though!


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