If my PT knows that I had 2 Roti Prata, she would probably scream or tell me to carry heavier weights the next round.

ONE Roti Prata Egg is 288 calories with 14g of fats. Just FYI.

Resistance was futile on my part, so much so that I made my way to Enaq The Prata House. (Note that the prata eatery used to be located at Ghim Moh, but is found at Jurong East now.)

Enaq at Jurong East Street 32 has been popular with supper-goers for its crispy-style Roti Prata.

For those who do not know what that is, Roti means ‘bread’, and prata or paratha means ‘flat’ in Hindi language. It is South-Indian flat bread made by frying stretched dough flavoured with ghee (Indian clarified butter), typically served with fish or mutton curry.

The offerings include a variety of Prata, Murthabak, Thosai, Goreng, Roti John, Biryani and Rice Sets.

I gave in to a Maggie Goreng, and the struggle was real. Portion was generous and the plate probably contained 2 packets instead of 1, with visible pieces of deep fried chicken meat. Finished half, good enough – had to watch the diet.

While there are some fanciful fillings for the Prata such as Kaya, Hotdog Cheese, Peanut Butter and Milky Gem (?), it doesn’t go overly extensive.

The star was the Plain Kosong Prata ($1.20). Eat the piece fresh and hot, before it gets soggy.

Somehow the exterior was just thinly crisp contrasted with fluffy interior. Tasty on its own, with faint sweetness. The sensation was almost like having puff pastry.

Not overly oily too.

Interestingly, they also included sambal chilli along with curry as dips. Mixing both added another dimension.

Once in a while (okay more than once), we would like to indulge in guilty treats. At least I felt I didn’t waste my calories on this.

Block 303 Jurong East Street 32, Singapore 600303
Tel: +65 6899 0842
Opening Hours: 7am – 11pm (Mon – Sun)

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  1. sorry…….i tink enaq @ jurong ish oni open………until 11pm………

    got ppl complain noise……….my estate de……………..

    same like the sim ming chicken…………and tak gui at aljunid…………..



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