There are some things I don’t quite understand. Why would any restaurant call itself WTF? You can imagine the type of jokes that would arise from the name alone.

”Dear, shall we have WTF for dinner?”
”Am craving for WTF tonight…”
”Let’s have fish. WTF?”

WTF in this case stands for “We Talk Food”, though there is another WTF We are The Furballs pets café in Singapore.

The Coffee House & Bar is located at the ground floor of Innotel Hotel. Inno-where?

Innotel Hotel is just a few minutes from Orchard Road, between Singapore Shopping Centre and Park Mall. Walking from Dhoby Ghaut MRT station will be your best bet if you count on public transport.

Otherwise, WTF Coffee House & Bar is like an old school bar with both indoor and outdoor seating, where you can have some drinks while watching LIVE English Premier League matches.

The menu is presented in a clear folder with printed A4 sheets within. Old school all right.

I went for dinner, and food offered was an unpredictable mix from Curry Chicken Baked Rice ($13.90), Gyu Don ($13.90), Carbonara Pasta ($13.90), Fish and Chips ($15.90), Smoked Duck Hoisin Sauce Tortilla Pizza ($12.90) to Pork Trotter’s Braised Vermicelli ($25.90).

The type that I would flip the pages front and back, and know not what to order. I share with you my dilemma.

Looking at the side dishes, I wanted to order a Cream of Mushroom soup, but it was priced at $11.90. When it comes to mushroom soups, the risks involved can range from tiny bowls, watery texture to missing mushrooms. Decided to skip due to the price.

Truffle Fries was $13.90, Chicken Nanban $14.90, and Potato Chips with salted egg sauce at $14.90? Back to the mains page, a Gyu Don was priced $13.90. Hmm…

Had the “Wok Hei” Seafood Aglio Olio ($15.90) because it sounded intriguing enough. Won’t mind pasta which is wok fried. When the dish arrived, pardon the offensive word/pun, my friend went, ”WTF?”

It was the presentation – spaghetti haphazardly served on clear plate. But to be fair, the pasta didn’t taste bad at all, but ironically perhaps lacking in ’wok hei’. (I guess because we were the only customers, and the wok wasn’t heated up enough yet.)

Most come here for the Barachirashi Don ($18.90) served in an wooden bowl, considered value-of-money with the number of ingredients thrown in, including ikura, shrimps and baby scallops.

The rice was warmer than usual, drizzled in a sweetish sauce, while the cubed sashimi had more marinate going on which would please local diners who would prefer a heavier touch.

Looking at some positive reviews online, there should be some bright sparks here and there in its menu. Perhaps WTF requires is more coherence in both pricing and organisation of food types in its menu.

Still not sure about its name though.

WTF Coffee House & Bar
Innotel Hotel, 11 Penang Lane Singapore 238485
Tel: +65 6545 4818
Opening Hours: 7am – 12am Daily

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