So hapz. Bangkok has Artbox, Seoul has Common Ground, while here in Singapore we have our very own Container Eateries at Punggol East, Tebing Lane.

I named this “Punggol East Container Park”, because none of the eatery owners know exactly what it is called. Perhaps they will come out with some fancy name soon.

There are 7 eateries found there, which include Pump Station 1965, Big Fish Small Fish, Seoul Good, L’Chaim Bistro, D’Grill, Leung Kee Healthy Dessert, and Boost @ Banks.

The good: Singapore is no longer as boring. We have new food places to venture to, with wonderful scenery and cycling lanes just a walk away.

The not-so-good: The area can get VERY hot during the noon. The sitting areas both inside some containers and outside (especially those without tentage) can get warm.

For those intending to descend for some #OOTD shots, a gentle note to wear more casual clothes. The blazing sun is merciless.

So what happens is that you order via self-service machines, get your food from the containers, and find somewhere to sit. (Some eateries are still in the soft-launch phase, without the entire menu. Also, going in the evening will ensure you more food, as they haven’t exactly decided what opening hours would be like.)

Here are the 7 NEW Container Eateries you can expect at Punggol East:

Big Fish Small Fish
A fish and chips specialty eatery. Choose a main such as Dory ($16.90), Yellow Fin ($7.90), Red Tilapia ($7.90), Sea Bass ($9.90), Salmon ($12.90) or Fresh Red Snapper ($15.90), include some add-ones such as home-made chips ($4.90), topped with a sauce.

Fresh fish (I had the sea bass), not too oily batter, with tasty sauces. The calamari was unfortunately soggy. Some of the chips in the same bag were crisp, some were not.

I was given the choice both the Salted Egg and XO sauce, though I would actually recommend the later which had mayo added for the creaminess with slight spiciness. The Salted Egg in the former sauce seemed kind of faint.

Pump Station Bar & Bistro
Pump Station Bar & Bistro, with more than 100 types of beverage include Featured beer, martinis, specialty drinks and wine.

Mains include Beef Pasta ($14.90), Smoked Duck Pasta ($14.90), Seafood pasta ($14.90), Gyoza Soup ($12.90) along with sides of Truffle Fries ($6.90), Satay ($5.90), Pump Chicken Wings ($12.90) and Potato Mochi ($10.90) and Hiroshima Oysters ($12.90).

Boost @ Banks

Leung Kee Healthy Dessert
Serves up Hong Kong style desserts.

Seoul Good
Probably the most instagrammable café here, specializing in Korean style fried chicken and bingsu.

For fried chicken, there are 4 styles available – Seoul Good signature, Seoul Good Asian, Sesame Gochujiang, and Spicy Bulgogi. ($9.90 for 6 pieces, $12.90 for 8 pieces, $16.90 for 12 pieces).

The bingsu variety is somewhat more predictable with Injeolmi, Oreo Cookies, Patbingsu, Mixberry and Strawberry flavours ($14.90 – $18.90).

L’Chaim Bistro
L’Chaim would refer to ”a toast used in drinking to a person’s health or well-being” in Hebrew. Hebrew? That is why I noted a ‘cross’ used in place of a ‘T’ in their signboard.

The menu is not quite the ordinary – home-style Peranakan food with a selection of craft beers. Hmm… when I asked for a menu, the co-owner commented that food would change from time to time.

Items offered at D’gill include Pasta on Hot Plate such as Spaghetti with Salmon Fish in Crab Meat Sauce ($12.90), Fish and Chips ($16.90), Deep Fried Chicken Wings ($9.90 for 6 pieces), and Deep Fried Cheese Fries ($6.90).

50 Punggol East, The Seed Park, Singapore 828826
(Few minutes walk from Riveria LRT Or you can direct your cab driver / UBER to 10, Tebing Lane Singapore 828849. The containers are right behind Popeyes)

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  1. Dun waste your time there. It’s expensive and service is very poor. The worst is pump station unit. Your food would need an hour to arrive and taste is ……poor.

    The dessert store stays deserted. Cheapest is 16 dollars.

  2. Wow, thanks for the information. I live in Punggol and had no idea this place exist. May I know how’s the parking there? Or would it be more advisable to take public transport there?

    • You know where Uncle Leong, Popeyes are… there is ample carpark space there, but not entirely sure during peak hours weekends.

  3. Most of the stores open in the evening! D’Grill sells amazing truffle fries and sambal fish AND the bamboo clam! The whole area has really good ambience too, the bar next to D’Grill has a live band and you can request songs 🙂

  4. Been there twice in the evening .. the ambience there was real good.. cool and windy.. D’grill’s coconut chendol and sambal grilled fish were very fact the place was very packed.. the live band from L’chiam was very interactive and nostalgic.. thumb up to them.. business at Big Fish Small Fish and Pump Station were thriving too.. looking forward to try the 2 new dessert stalls.. especially the bingsu fr Seoul Good..think this is a real nice new place to hang out and relax..

  5. Had went down twice with my girlfriend we had bingsu and korea chicken. We love the chicken so much and the bingsu is diff from the rest of the bingsu shop in singapore which taste better and it really taste the same like the korea bingsu we had 2 week ago in seoul.

  6. Beware the extravegent outrageous price when you buy Ciders or Heineken from the ” Pump Station 1965″, the stall furthest from Popeyes. They charge $39 for 2 Apple ciders and 1 Heineken! Buy at your own risk.

    • Omg. I appreciate that they may have put a lot of effort into doing up the place and that times are hard for everyone. But really – to charge $39 for three bottled drinks (two of which are not exactly alcoholic really) – is daylight robbery.

  7. seoul good chicken taste super normal, ice tea is really ice + chinese tea… faintz, pls dun waste money here…

  8. Service at Pump station is poor, slow. Booze is okay but food is pricey and undercooked for my chicken. Cooked on the outside and raw on the inside. Not recommended.

  9. Went to Seoul Good @ Punggol this afternoon. The bingsu really great and we order the kimchi soup with rice. Surpising it was good.


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