BAP Korean Food is not the typical Korean eatery found in Singapore, selling Korean Food ‘chap chye peng’ style at Alexandra Central.

The word ‘BAP’ 밥 refers to a ‘meal’, though it can also mean boiled or cooked rice and grains.

Talking about Alexandra Central Mall which is just next to IKEA and diagonally Queensway Shopping Centre, the entire mall is kind of quiet as many shops are still vacant, plus there is lack of proper marketing.

A pity really as there are some decent food choices there. (For example, another Korean restaurant The Gogi upstairs.)

BAP Korean Food is extremely under the radar, though not considered cheap either.

A meal of 3 vegetables with rice would have set you back by $9.50, while 3 meats with rice is priced at $15.00. An additional vegetable dish cost $2.50, and meat at $4.50.

People may question – What is stopping potential customers from going to a nearby hawker centre or food court where a similar meal would be half the price or less?

So the attraction is, you come here to eat Korean home-styled food.

Cooked food choices include Spicy Pork, Pork Bulgogi, Pan-Fried Tofu with Spicy Sauce, Stir-Fried Egg Plant, Seasoned Spinach with Tofu, Stir-Fried Fishcake and Stir-Fried Spicy Squid.

My plate of a meat and 2 vegetables ($11.50) felt like this was cooked by a loving Korean mummy after I return home from work.

While you do not get the restaurant quality feel, perhaps lacking in that refinement, all 3 dishes ordered were tasty in its own way, and also not overly oily.

Some of my friends commented that Korean dishes can be one-dimensional, with that same gochujang base at every single dish. I reckon you can give this place a chance, and taste that Korean dishes can be prepared in varied ways as well.

I wished the food was hotter though, but cannot be helped as they were displayed in a serving tray by the cashier.

BAP Korean Food has the potential to attract more lunch crowd, and I liked that service was personable.

The eatery probably got to serve a greater variety of food, such as made-to-order Gimbap, Bimbimbap served in hot stone bowls, and noodle dishes.

BAP Korean Food
321 Alexandra Road, Alexandra Central Mall #01-01, Singapore 169971
Opening Hours: 11am – 9pm

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