The time for #NewYearResolutions to work in. The determination (or constant struggle) to #EatClean, #LoseWeight has caused a proliferation of salads places in Singapore’s CBD.

The Daily Cut at the basement of One Raffles Place, with a newly opened branch at Tanjong Pagar Centre is probably one of the most popular salad shops in the vicinity.

Come 11:45am, minutes before ‘official’ lunch time, a long long line will start to form.

They are known for their protein-filled salads, generous portions, with pricing for a Regular bowl at $12 (or Petite at $9, Large at $15, X-Large for $18).

This is a clear favourite among gym goers and office executives. You can tell, (tight) fitting office wear, a shoe bag on the other arm.

(Photo taken during off-peak.)

I sat there at the corner, watched the queue, and wondered about my not-so-trained-biceps and 6-become-1 abs.

The system and buying process is straight forward and swift. I encourage new-comers to quickly fill up your order-chit while waiting, and NOT wait till you reach the cashier.

– Choose from 4 sizes of Petite ($9), Regular ($12), Large ($15), or X-Large ($18).
– Proteins include Chicken, Tilapia, Tofu, Rib Eye Steak (+$1), Salmon (+$2) or look out for a Seasonal Special on the board.
– Get a Carb base of Brown Rice, Whole-Wheat Pasta, Romaine Lettuce, Sweet Potato, Baby Spinach ($1).
– Then tick off the supplements, toppings and choice of dressing.

I thought the price point for its portion could be one of its main draw, and they did give a substantial slab of salmon or steak when I had my orders.

Dressings are important to me. They can make something mundane spring to life. For regulars, they do have a wider choice from bitter lemon, honey-curry, sesame-peanut to mango-habanero. Not the usual stuff.

For its target audience of busy working executives in a constant rush, The Daily Cut understands the need to be speedy. The system of printing of orders on stickers pasted on salad boxes, seemed to have minimised errors of wrong ingredients.

Although the queue is long, most would have waited for an average of 10 minutes or so.

Sometimes you get beefy guys scooping salads for you (owner Jonathan Yang inclusive) which may have attracted like-minded customers. They are plenty of gyms in the vicinity.

While there are varied salad shops, I think what makes some stand out is their freshness of ingredients, and uniqueness. The Daily Cut is obviously clear about its target customers, and does it proteins well.

The Daily Cut
Tanjong Pagar Centre, 7 Wallich Street, #B2-16 Singapore 078884
Tel: +65 6386 6160
Opening Hours: 11:00am – 8:30pm (Mon – Fri), 11am – 3:30pm (Sat, Sun, PH)

1 Raffles Place, #B1-31, One Raffles Place Singapore 048616 (Raffles Place MRT)
Opening Hours: 11am – 2:30pm, 6pm – 8:30pm (Mon – Fri), 11am – 3:30pm (Sat – Sun, PH)

Galaxis, 1 Fusionopolis Place #01-28/29 Singapore 1385
Opening Hours: 11am – 7:30pm (Mon – Fri), Closed Sat, Sun, PH

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