[Seoul] A Cruffin is a cross between croissant and a muffin, with a flaky texture of a croissant and flavour of a muffin.

Cruffins are said to be created by Mr. Holmes Bakehouse. Of course there are many versions about its origins.

After I asked on Instagram for food recommendations in Seoul, quite a number were nominating THIS PLACE, not some Korean restaurant.

The young Koreans are apparently very fond of Mr. Holmes Bakehouse in Seoul, located at Apgujeong-ro 10-gil of Gangnam-gu.

It is after all Mr. Holmes Bakehouse first overseas outlet outside of San Francisco. The name comes from the owner’s mother’s cats by the way – one’s called Sherlock, the other Holmes.

No detectives needed, as finding this bakery café wasn’t too difficult with Google Maps.

It was a short walk from Sinsa Station, and the journey was a largely pleasant one, peppered with other indie cafes and popular shops for youths.

Like its SF counterpart, bakers in Seoul had to go through two months of training in San Francisco.

Many Korean girls and couples were seem posing with pastries under the neon sign ”I got Baked in Seoul”, rather iconic for its Instagram purpose. (Go search the geotag photos on IG to see what I mean.)

Cruffins are limited to two per customer, and changes flavour every single day – anything from earl grey, passion fruit, white choco, mango, hazelnut & dark choco, and mint choco. (seem similar to how Dominique Ansel Bakery market their cronuts.)

I had Cruffins in Australia, but wasn’t exactly over the moon over them.

These Cherry-flavoured ones in Seoul (5,500 Won, SGD$6.60) however, changed my impression upon hearing that cracking sound when cut apart.

They seemed to get it right with the flakiness, fluffy inner texture and smooth creamy filling with noticeable savour of cherries (yet not artificial tasting).

Okay. My main qualm about pastries and cakes from America is the sweetness level, but this didn’t go overboard at all.

The other must-get was the Brioche Donut (3,600 Won, SGD$4.30) – a sugared pillow-soft donut filled with rich pastry cream in the middle.

Here’s the fun thing: You get Vanilla or a “Random Filling”, which can be anything from vanilla cheesecake, passion fruit curd, caramelized banana and strawberry cream.

If you have space, get a Croissant dipped in flavours of Matcha, Ferrero Rocher, and Ham & Cheese. Slightly on the dry side, but better than the average.

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse Seoul
34, Apgujeong-ro 10-gil Gangnam-gu Seoul (Sinsa Station Exit 8, Line 3)
Opening hours: 10am – 10pm (Mon – Fri), 10am – 11pm (Sat – Sun)
Google Maps – Mr. Holmes Bakehouse Seoul

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