Funan Centre has said its temporary “Goodbye” and some fans may be wondering where A-Roy Thai Restaurant has moved to.

It can be now found at Level 3 of Novena Square.

A-Roy Thai Restaurant has been known to serve authentic-tasting Thai dishes, in a family-style setting, with wide selection from Lemongrass Chicken to Tom Yum Soup.

I used to visit the restaurant at Funan because it provided reliable, tasty Thai food, but found the prices slightly up north. It still remains more or less the same.

The menu must have contained over a hundred items, including Tom Yum Talay ($15.90, $22.90), Fish Maw Soup ($16.90, $23.90, Thai Yellow Curry ($15.90, $21.90), Pandan Chicken ($13.90, $20.90), Fried Omelette ($10.90, $15.90), Grilled Seabass ($35.90), Kway Teaw Tom Yum ($8.90), to Seafood Fried Rice ($8.90, $13.90).

At the start of the meal, I would not refused the crackers ($1) served with spicy green chilli sauce, to provide that munchy-kick while waiting.

I seldom order Thai Green Curry with Beef ($15.90, $21.90) in Singapore. While most Thai restaurants’ Kaeng Khiao Wan taste more or less the same, the beef slices often turned out tough or overcooked.

A-Roy Thai Restaurant Green Curry was indeed one of the best renditions in Singapore – thick, spicy with that oomph, okay a tad oily and heavy, but the beef were tender with the right bite.

Another dish I would order again would be the Tord Man Pla ($3.90 for a piece, min 2 pieces).

The Fried Thai Fish Cake served with Thai sauce had an agreeable chewy texture, and you would know real meat went inside, and not just starch and more starch.

The Pad Thai ($8.90, $13.90) unfortunately was average at most, and lacked of the wok-hei.

While there are many Thai restaurants in Singapore, some may be too commercialized and have hat mass-market taste, while others may not have a consistent standard.

While A-Roy Thai is generally priced higher, I find the dishes mostly of decent quality for a Thai family-style meal. I am also sure many regulars would have missed its food.

A-Roy Thai Restaurant
Novena Square #03-61, 238 Thomson Road Singapore 179097
Tel: +65 6338 3800
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 3:00pm, 6:00pm – 10:00pm Daily

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