[Bangkok] Groove at Central World is one of those places you can have a slightly late dinner near a mall during the weekends, as it extends the operation hours till 11pm.

Most restaurants in Bangkok’s malls start closing their shutters by 9:30pm.

Still not the best, but better than nothing, especially when you just caught the evening flight out of Singapore.

EAT, which stands for Eat All Thai, is one of the few restaurants there offering Thai regional dishes.

It is the off-spring of Supanniga Eating Room by Khunyai, known to serve long lost recipes passed down by the grandmother’s generation.

While it is located at a hip location, the décor suggests otherwise – heavy dark brown wooden furniture, ceramic crockery at a corner emulating a home kitchen.

Its menu is extensive, and ups Thai street food both in terms of pricing, and inclusion of more expensive ingredients.

To be honest, looking at appearances alone, it was not the first place that prompted me to go-in-and-try.

Among the recommended “Must Eat Food At EAT” include Pad Thai Crabmeat & Crab Roe (170 baht), Assorted Satay (250 baht), Charcoal Grilled Giant River Prawns (699 for platter of 3), Thai BBQ Pork with Jaew Dipping Sauce (190 baht).

A quick flip of menu would reveal a bigger range of menu, anything from Street-style Pork Skewers with Sticky Rice (140 baht), Spicy Red Curry with Crab Roe (520 baht), Chicken Fried Rice with Salted Egg (160 baht), Wok-fried Rice Vermicelli with Seafood in Suki Sauce (170 baht), and Mango Sticky Rice (190 baht).

Prices are notably higher than the typical restaurant out there in Bangkok. Paying for location and comfort, I guess.

The sampler set of Hors d’oeuvre Mueang (430 baht) would probably provide you with a ‘restaurant-taste’ of Northern Thai style street food, with the inclusion of Deep-Fried Fermented Pork Sausages Nam Tod, Deep-Fried Chicken Wings Peek Kai Tod Krob, Fried Sun-Fried Pork, Crispy Pork Skin, and sticks of Sticky Rice.

Some hits and misses. I liked the fried pork and sausages dipped in the spicy green chilli dip.

My favourite item that meal was probably the Green Curry Gaeng Kiew Whan (240 baht). I might have imagined having the typical beef or chicken slices, but the bowl contained white chewy squids all plumped up.

As you take bites, would realise they were stuffed with a combination of ground pork and salted egg York. Gravy was deliciously-rich and mildly spicy.

Most of the other Thai classic dishes hit the right notes, and didn’t come across as overly catering to the tourists, retaining some of those rustic flavours.

EAT (Eat All Thai)
2/F, Groove at CentralWorld, Rama 1, Bangkok, Thailand (BTS Siam)
Tel: +662 251 1230
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm (Sun – Thu), 11am – 11pm (Fri – Sat)

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