[Closed] Dazzling Café at Orchard Gateway has announced that it has ended operations.

The Taiwanese café chain popular for their Shibuya Toasts and opened to much fanfare, probably was the one which started the toast trend in Singapore.

This piece of news came quickly after the used-to-be-popular Japanese cafe Pablo Cheese Tart has closed at Wisma Atria.

Will this diminish confidence in international food brands looking at setting up overseas outposts in Singapore, especially when rental and labour are not exactly cheap?

The decrease in popularity can be a combination of lack of awareness (people still do not come to this part of Orchard Gateway), the dying trend of Toasts in Singapore, and general decrease in foot-fall at the Orchard area.

However, the Singapore team has announced that Dazzling Cafe will re-open with as new concept called “Botany By Dazzling Cafe” at 86 Robertson Quay (next to M Social Hotel). So, look out for it?

(The post below is a previous review of Dazzling Cafe Orchard Gateway, written in 2016.)

[Original Entry] A place of cutesy-pink meets tai-tai setting, relaxing ambience with some window seats, for friends and couples to hang out for lunches, afternoon teas, sharing pastas, desserts. And calories.

Other than the famous Shibuya-style honey toast, Signature mochi “QQ” Waffle and Mentaiko pasta, here are 10 other Instagrammable food, desserts and drink found at Dazzling Café.

Hazelnut Mini Toast ($12.90)
Do you know that there are ‘4 generations’ of Dazzling’s Honey Toast, from strips, cubed, stacked ones, and those topped with whipped cream?

To cater to the local customers who also dine individually or in pairs, Dazzling Café Singapore has also introduced a “Mini Toast” version for one or two to share.

That means room for more food.

Try the Hazelnut Mini Toast – classic honey toast with nutella, soft whipping cream, chocolate sauce, almond nibs, fresh strawberries and Haagen Dazs vanilla ice cream.

Using an in-house special toasting technique, I must say this toast was somehow more buttery and fluffy than its previous incarnations.

Black Forest Crepe Mille-Feuille ($9)
Layers of chocolate crepe with vanilla cream, chocolate mousse and cherries compote.

Chendol Cake ($9, only in Capitol Piazza outlet)
Intending to introduce more locally-inspired items, Dazzling Café Singapore is offering this Chendol Cake with layers of pandan and coconut sponge, adzuki beans and gula melaka frosting.

Slightly too sweet for my liking (due to the Gula Melaka). If they can manage the proportion right, I will have this again.

Chicken Cutlet with Scrambled Eggs and Honey Mustard ($19.90)
My new found favourite dish. I might not have even ordered this (as it wasn’t even featured prominently), but the girls said that it was their “to-go-for” brunch dish.

There you have it – hot, piping crispy chicken cutlet lying on top of a bed of creamy scrambled eggs, drizzled with honey mustard sauce.

A pleasurable combination actually, as you get contrasting textures of crunchy batter, juicy meat and velvety egg.

Mentaiko Fries ($9.50)
The Mentaiko Fries ($9.50) with creamy mentaiko sauce over shoe string fries turned out to be addictively pleasurable.

Sweet-salty, pink and flaky, light and crisp.

Cheese Pulled Pork Nachos ($13.90)
The kind of food to get your hands dirty in a plate of nachos mixed with stretchy cheese and saucy pulled pork.

Potato Doughnut with Bratwurst Filling ($21.00, only in Capitol Piazza outlet)
The crisp hand-made potato doughnut arrived topped with soft boiled egg and apple caramel sauce. Cut it apart, and let the oozing yolk mix with the shallot confit.

That was not the end of the surprise.

Within the donut was juicy pork bratwurst, making it a slightly sweetish-savoury treat.

Rainbow Latte
So pretty. The order for your Instagram feed. Rainbow-nize your latte at a dollar extra.

You can choose from a variety from hazelnut, Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Lavender, Dark Chocolate, Caramelised Biscuit, Rose Latte (with alcohol), Crème Brulee, Strawberry White, Mocha, to Royal Matcha.

Pink Unicorn Milkshake ($10)
The girls loved it and thought it was one of the prettiest OTT milkshakes around (that I agree), that wasn’t too rich.

Okay lah, sweet for me, but you can try.

BeDazzled Set ($49.90, $59.90 with Foie Gras, only at Orchardgateway)
The BeDazzled Set is the latest dessert sensation introduced by the popular Honey Toast chain. This is in line with their brand campaign ‘Dazzle Someone’.

Inspired by ‘table-top-desserts’ from Alinea and Atum, the dessert is has the element of artistic expression and fun – allowing one to eat straight up from the design board.

You can afford to be messy in this one, eat in any sequence, or mix it all up. This is how it works:
– Choose your favourite design board (a few to choose from).
– The set offers a Dark Chocolate Ball in the centre, with Profiteroles and Frozen Mousse within.
– Surrounding the ball includes a medley of sweet and savoury delights such as Foie Gras Au Torchon (top up $10), Coconut Lollis, Mini Butter Honey Toasts, Matcha Passionfruit Torte, Strawberry Cheesecake.
– Get 2 lightbulb drinks of iced tea.
– Each set will come with a poem or note where you can sign up for your bae/BFF.

Quite a value-for-money tea time option when you need to rest your feet after shopping at Orchard.

Other in-house exclusive treats of the Orchardgateway outlet include Pandan Salted Gula Melaka Honey Toast, Lobster Risotto and other brunch items.

[Closed] Dazzling Café Pink
277 Orchard Road #01-12 Orchardgateway Singapore 238858 (Somerset MRT)
Tel: +65 6385 3639
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm (Sun – Thurs), 11am – 10.30pm (Fri – Sat)

[Closed] Dazzling Café
Capitol Piazza Unit No: 01-85 Galleria, 13 Stamford Road Singapore 178905
Tel: +65 6384 3310
Opening Hours: 12pm – 9:30pm (Sun – Thurs), 12pm – 10pm (Fri – Sat)


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