If you are looking for restaurants and cafes near town that are not the typical choices, Capitol Piazza offers number of dining choices not found anywhere else.

Famous brands that arrived overseas to set up their FIRST outpost in Singapore include Angelina, Dazzling Café, Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant, Naughty Nuri’s and Teuscher Chocolates.

For new-to-market restaurants and cafes, you can find 1933 By Toast Box, Equilibrium, Ramen & Tonkatsu Ma Maison, Ryu’s Dining & Bar, and Tap Craft Beer Bar.

That is quite a number of refreshing choices.

For familiar favourites, go for Food Republic, Hoshino Coffee, J-Story, Oriole Coffee + Bar, and Nalan Restaurant.

Here are 10 Must-Try NEW Signature Dishes From Capitol Piazza:

Dazzling Café
Unit No: 01-85 | Galleria
Tel: +65 6384 3310

This is popular Taiwanese brand Dazzling Café’s first foray into Singapore. The chic meets cutesy café is famous for their Shibuya Honey Toasts which boost of fun innovative flavours and instagrammable platings.

Friends and couples love to hang out here for relaxing afternoon teas, sharing pastas, desserts and calories.

Do you know: There are ‘4 generations’ of Dazzling’s Honey Toast, from strips, cubed, stacked ones, and those topped with whipped cream.

Featured Dish: Dazzling Potato Doughnut with Bratwurst Filling ($21.00)
This is looking quite the bomb. The crisp hand-made potato doughnut arrived topped with soft boiled egg and apple caramel sauce. Cut it apart, and let the oozing yolk mix with the shallot confit.

That was not the end of the surprise.

Within the donut was juicy pork bratwurst, making it a slightly sweetish-savoury treat.

Unit No: 01-82 | Galleria
Tel: +65 6384 0481

Angelina is the Parisian tearoom famous for their Old-Fashioned Hot Chocolate “L’Africain”, signature cake Mont Blanc and brunch items.

The hot chocolate remains as one of my favourites, made with three different kinds of African cocoa from Niger, Ghana and Côte d’Ivoir, served in an elegant pitcher alongside a little cup of whipped cream.

Do you know: Angelina has a history from 1903, where Proust and Coco Chanel have been customers at the tearoom room at Rue Du Rivoli in Paris. “Angelina” was named after the founder’s daughter-in-law, Angeline Rumpelmayer.

Featured Dish: Roasted Chicken Supreme, seasonal Vegetables and creamy poultry gravy ($24.00)
Other than sweets, Angelina does serve a range of savoury and brunch food, such as Croque Madame, Parisian Club Sandwiches, Truffle Omelette, Wild Mushroom Risotto and Truffle Ravioli.

The Roasted Chicken was cooked classic French style, and in a deboned manner for easier consumption. Pour over some creamy poultry gravy for a moister and tantalising finish.

1933 by Toast Box
Unit No: 01-83 | Galleria
Tel: +65 6384 3660

1933 is so named because the cuisine is inspired from local favourites from the 1930s, such as Hainanese Chicken Rice, Nanyang Curry Chicken, Handmade Yam Cake, Hainanese-style Satay and Laksa Pasta.

Enjoy dishes of Asian flavours with Western influences or all-day breakfast favourites, and sip on their signature Nanyang Coffee as you unwind at 1933.

Do You Know: This is a café concept launched by the popular Toast Box brand.

Featured Dish: Hainanese Chicken Rice ($12.90)
To be honest, the Hainanese Chicken Rice was not too bad and better than expected.

Chicken was prepared and poached in the traditional Hainanese style, therefore retained the flavours of the meat and moisture.

It was served with fragrant rice cooked in rich chicken broth, a side of bean sprouts, with special chilli-lime and fresh ginger dipping sauces.

Naughty Nuri’s
Unit No: 01-84 | Galleria
Tel: +65 6384 7955

The famous signature pork ribs which originated from Ubud, Indonesia. This is Naughty Nuri’s first and only restaurant in Singapore currently.

Although Naughty Nuri’s Singapore specialises in grilled meats, it also offers an array of Indonesian classic dishes such as Wagyu Short Rib Rendang, Nasi Goreng and Ayam Lemak.

An affordable Nasi Campur lunch set is also available, priced at $12.80++ which includes a choice of Wagyu Short Rib Rendang or Ayam Lemak, Classic Tumis Kacang Panjang , Ikan Billis, Spicy Hijau Chili and clear soup.

Do You Know: The name came from the owner’s Javanese chef-wife, Isnuri Suryatmi.

Featured Dish: Signature St.Louis Full Rack ($24.90 Half Rack, $38.90 Full Rack)
The signature ribs was marinated with authentic Balinese spices, glazed with a secret ‘Pangang’ sauce before grilling over charcoal flames for a wholesome smoky flavour.

When put to the test, the ribs were fork-tender and fell apart almost immediately. There must be some magic added to the sauce – it was freaking good.

Equilibrium Modern Italian Bacaro & Ristorante
Unit No: 01-86 | Galleria
Tel: +65 6384 4069

Equilibrium offers a menu of popular cicchettis, antipastos, mains and desserts cooked using modern techniques. You may get some exciting flavours of pastas and pizzas over there. If not, you can also create your own pizzas with 5 toppings of your choice.

The bistro also incorporates a bespoke bar serving up creative handcrafted cocktails, perfect for large groups and private functions.

Do You Know: Equilibrium is by the same team behind popular Supply & Demand, which was just awarded “Best Western Casual Restaurant” by the Epicurean Star Awards.

Featured Dish: Squid Ink Risotto with Seafood ($29.00)
NEW on the menu, the Risotto was simmered with squid ink, white wine, seafood such as prawns and calamari, and topped with shaved Grana Padano (a semi-fat cheese from Italy).

The squid ink added an inky black sheen to the risotto, which also gave a slight salty flavour which paired well with the seafood.

Ryu’s Japanese Restaurant & Sake Bar
Unit No: 01-87 | Galleria
Tel: +65 6384 9087

This Japanese restaurant is quite under-the-radar but worth a visit. The first venture out of Japan, Ryu’s specialise in traditional Japanese cuisine and omakase meals at reasonable prices.

Some of the popular selections include Okamochi Bara Chirashi-Sushi Set, Stewed Iberian Pork set, Beef Stew Set, Nizakana Set, Japanese Grilled Chicken Set, Special Tendon Set and Vegetables Tendon Set.

Do You Know: Ryu’s is fully owned by a Japanese family with 3 other restaurants in Tokyo, backed by 33 years of operating experience.

Featured Dish: Okamochi Barachirashi ($45.00)
Ryu’s Okamochi Barachirashi Set was served in a traditional 3-drawer wooden ‘Okamochi’ box, hardly seen around in Singapore.

The sashimi slices of tuna, scallop, greater amberjack and shrimp were fresh-tasting, imported from Tsukiji Market, matched with sweet sticky sushi rice lined with roe, egg and marinated mushrooms.

The other two drawers contained grilled chicken with salad, and appetizers. So while the set seemed slightly expensive, the number of items they offered made it value for its money.

Nalan Restaurant
Unit No: B2-54 | Neue

Need to find an Indian vegetarian restaurant to host guests?

Established in 2009, Nalan is one of Singapore’s most known contemporary Indian vegetarian restaurants, which serves up an array of North and South Indian cuisine.

Get your fix of Biriyani Poori, Rava Thosai, Pongal, Idly, Uthappam, and Paneer Tikka Masala here.

Do You Know: Nalan used to be located at Funan Centre, and has moved over to Capitol Piazza.

Featured Dishes: Gobi Manchurian ($12.00) & Paneer Fried Rice ($11.00)
You get a home-cooked experience here, where every dish is cooked to order.

Two of their recommendations include Gobi Manchurian, a deep fried cauliflower sautéed in schezwan spicy sauce which is not quite what you would have expected in an Indian dish; and Paneer Fried Rice – grated cottage cheese tossed with basmati rice and soya sauce.

Ramen & Tonkatsu Ma Maison
Unit No: B2-51 | Neue
Tel: +65 6384 6211

Ma Maison, known for their Japanese-Western cuisine, Tonkatsu and gorgeous Japanese fruit tarts has opened a ramen restaurant at Capitol Piazza.

The soup is specially cooked from “Japanese domestic pork bones”, heated for 10 hours to create a creamy white coloured broth. This version lighter than the usual soup so it would be perfect to pair it up with a Tonkatsu pork cutlet.

Do You Know: This is Ma Maison’s first official foray to ramen in Singapore.

Featured Dish: Hokkaido Cheese Tonkotsu Ramen ($17.80)
CHEESE Ramen?! Yes, the signature is the Ma Maison Original Creamy Cheese Ramen, where the handmade cheese is imported from a farm from Hanabatake Bokujo, Hokkaido.

What you get is grated cheese on top of the noodles and tonkotsu soup. Stir it in to create a creamy slight-salty cheese soup base, which is kind of an unusual taste.

Hoshino Coffee
Unit No: B2-55 | Neue
Tel: +65 6384 5131

Famous for “Hand-dripped” coffee and Western style Japanese dishes, some of my favourite to order at Hoshino Coffee include the Hoshino Pot-Baked Curry Rice, Lobster Bisque Spaghetti, and Tonkatsu Curry Rice.

Featured Dish: “Omu Rice” & Angus Beef Steak Plate with Salad ($18.80)
To celebrate Hoshino Coffee’s 4th year in Singapore, they have come out with a number of NEW dishes which include Hamburg Steak Plate ($17.80), Angus Beef Steak Plate ($21.80), Beef Stew Plate ($18.80), Beef Stew “Omu” Rice ($16.80) and “Fuwa Fuwa” Hoshino Souffle with Beef Stew Doria ($17.00).

I was recommended the Omu Rice with Angus Beef Steak, topped with rich roast beef sauce and accompanied by a side salad.

Cut through the omu egg in the middle, which would reveal fragrant fried rice.

Capitol Piazza
13 Stamford Road Singapore 178905

(Underground pedestrian link from City Hall MRT Station Exit D to Basement 2)

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Capitol Piazza.


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