Kanshoku Ramen Bar is popular for being one of the first (and most successful) ramen shops in Singapore to introduce Truffle Ramen – in both dry and broth versions. Posts went viral , word got out, and queues started to form.

It has 3 outlets at ION Orchard (#B3-18), Orchard Gateway (#01-06), and Serangoon NEX (#01-57).

I remember the first experience when I found Kanshoku Ramen at Metropolis (now closed). It was a purposeful visit, as I was curious.

At a time when Japanese-originated ramen shops were in a rage, a local brand became both refreshing and risky.

Their Hakata-style noodles wasn’t fanciful, ingredients straight-forward, but I was then impressed how simple yet tasty the bowl was. The blog entry then was titled ”One Of The Best New Openings”.

Fast forward a year plus later, owner Melvin was nervous when he knew I visited the 2nd branch of Kanshoku Ramen at OrchardGateway anonymously a few times.

”How? My truffle ramen.”

I frankly told him, I liked it, but not enough. And suggested adding an egg and some meat.

Which he did. And it was much, much better after.

Kanshoku means ‘to finish eating every last bit of your food’ in Japanese. It wasn’t perfect in the beginning, but the team kept on pressing on.

One valuable point is, they are receptive to customers’ feedback (provided they are constructive of course).

Here are some of the recommended items from Kanshoku Ramen Bar:

Truffle Ramen Dry ($16.90)
THE ramen that propelled Kanshoku to further fame. Some friends liked it precisely because the dish of hot, straight, thin noodles reminded them of Truffle Angel Hair Pasta (of this famous French restaurant), except that this is hot.

There is a balanced combination of kombu, shaved black truffle and truffle oil – when tossed would emit that light alluring aroma.

The current incarnation also included an onsen egg and torched caramelized charshu marinated in a slight sweetish sauce. Wonderful additions.

Truffle Broth Ramen ($17.90)
Camps are divided. There is sizable group that preferred the Truffle Broth Ramen.

Initially, I thought that the soup was on the light side, but recently the broth was creamier and richer, but still could go a notch higher. The taste does grow on you.

Add $2.00 for a premium ramen egg from Japan, specially marinated for over an hour to make the bowl complete.

(You tell me which you prefer.)

Signature Kanshoku Ramen ($13.90)
The signature ramen that started it all. The tonkotsu based broth is first boiled over 8 hours with filtered water without the addition of added salt and preservatives.

My favourite part is the Hakata style noodles – long, thin, firm threads which are produced fresh daily. They are springy, al dente with a good bite.

Black Garlic Ramen ($14.90)
I prefer this version that the signature (which can be on the light side). The black garlic mayu adds a layer of complexity and more depth to the broth.

Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen ($14.90)
I have the feeling this spicy ramen threads on the safe side, refusing to push to the deeper end (of spiciness) for fear that customers may not be able to take it. You think?

Shoyu Ramen ($13.90)

Black Truffle Edamame ($5.90)
Still worth a try, for that novelty factor.

Pork Gyoza ($5.90)
Oh, this is so much better than before (which was pale and limpy). Could have more crisp, but at least the inside was wet and juicy. MUST have while it’s hot.

Nagoya Chicken Wings ($6.90)

Did I mention that the ramen bowls here at specially imported from Japan, in my favourite blue?

Also available this period (Phase 2 Heightened Alert) via delivery / takeaway is the newly introduced Truffle Uni Ramen ($28) which includes bafun uni, Italian truffle, ikura, tobiko, shio kombu and hotate tossed in Nagasaki somen and topped with an onsen egg.

Kanshoku Ramen Bar – ION Orchard
ION Orchard #B3-18, 2 Orchard Turn Singapore 238801
Tel: +65 6509 8221
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm, Last Order 9:30pm (Mon – Sun)

Kanshoku Ramen Bar – Orchard Gateway
277 Orchard Road, Orchard Gateway #01-06, Singapore 238858
Tel: +65 6384 4770
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm, Last Order 9:30pm (Mon – Sun)

Kanshoku Ramen Bar – NEX
23 Serangoon Central, NEX #01-57, Singapore 556083
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm, Last Order 9:30pm (Mon – Sun)

Delivery: https://kanshokuramen.oddle.me/

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Kanshoku Ramen Bar.



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