[REVIEW] “I hope it wasn’t too difficult to come in here,”, said owner and co-founder Chef Ernie Lim apologetically, as if it was a common occurrence for any visitor of his.

Pulse Patisserie, located within The Interlace, is one of the few shops that has been incorporated into the futuristic condo’s design.

At the moment, the security level is likened to what Ernie would describe to be “the equivalent of Trump Tower”.

If you are intending to drive, be prepared to be questioned by the security guard about your purpose and duration of your visit.

To be fair, the security guards were probably just doing their job. Perhaps some residents did complain about the heavy influx of visitors, and could not find their favourite parking lots in the evening.

The reward for clearing customs would be the simple yet elegantly decorated cafe with a mix of plants and display shelves filled with their generous offerings.

A display shelf that stood out housed a myriad of beautifully carved candles in the shape of figurines, perfect for use in birthday celebrations.

Pulse Patisserie is famous for their 6 different dessert capsules ($8.50 each, $16 for two, $37.5 for five), which was created with the intention to “let people have their cake and eat it anywhere, anytime”.

The Strawberry Bavarois / Basil Konnyaku is their way of using fresh cinnamon basil plant (grown just outside the shop) and herbs to complement strawberries in this dessert. A favourite for those who want to eat a little “cleaner”.

The Dulche de Leche / Cream Cheese Mousse was inspired when Chef Aika of Pulse Patisserie was working under Mexican Chef Carolina in the US.

It involves the slow toasting of milk until it achieves a creamy caramel taste.

However, the group of us agreed that our favourite had to be the Espresso Creme Brulee / 66% Nyangbo Chocolates.

The single origin pure Ghana (chocolate) lends a round chocolate warmth in your mouth which gradually develops into a soft and sweet spiciness finish. The flavour is further enhanced when paired with an acidic yet sweet espresso, that you may want to have one all to yourself.

The highlight of our visit has got to be their Salted Egg Yolk Choux Au Craquelin, aka salted egg yolk biscuit ($12 per half dozen, $35 per box of 20), which fuses the classic French pastry with the locals passion for salted egg yolk.

You could almost hear the angels sing when they were placed in front of us.

Each one of them came in bite size portions coated with an orange layer similar to that of Bo Lo Bao (Pineapple Buns). A small portion of liquid gold peeks out at the tip of the bun, signalling what is to come.

My recommendation is not to pry it open to check the insides (it did pass the ooze test, if you wanted to know), but to just pop the whole thing in your mouth, and let the salted egg yolk smother your tongue in awesomeness.

A must try for all salted egg yolk lovers out there.

It actually looked orange (and gold) enough to be a possible consideration for Chinese New Year treats!

Do check out Pulse Patisserie’s Facebook page before heading down as they shared that they are intending to move out soon. Or get those Salted Egg goodies from Deliveroo.

Pulse Patisserie
The Interlace, 180 Depot Road #01-06 Singapore 109684
Tel: +65 8339 4648
Opening Hours: 11am – 7pm (Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri), 10am – 7pm (Sat), 10am – 5pm (Sun), Closed Tues

* By guest writer @soonnverysoon who feels food should should look good, taste good, feel (texture) good, and be eaten in a good place. Daniel’s Food Diary pays for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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