[Taipei] For those unfamiliar with the café scene in Taipei, it has considered to blossom with many hipster cafes sprouting away from the city centre.

Nothing to stop us serial café hoppers to make a trek to Fujin Tree 353 Café 富錦樹咖啡.

Fujin Street 富錦街 located at Minsheng Community 民生社區 is lined with trees, and better known as Fujin Tree Street 富錦樹街.

It is suitable for a short stroll, filled with cafes, design shops and boutiques, well… belonging to the Fujin Tree Group.

There are a couple of shops that would appeal to the young and trendy, such as Freitag, Beams, Journal Standard, Fujin Tree 355, which are all along the same stretch.

The first glaring thing when you Google Fujin Tree 353 Café will be its location, near Songshan Airport Station, far north in Taipei.

However, do not be put off if you have decided that this café is one gem of a find.

Here’s some direction: Getting out of Songshan Airport Station, you have to head south east, on occasions just by the roadside. This will take you past a couple industrial factories, a military outpost until you reach Fujin Street. Estimated a 15 minutes’ walk (if you do not stop for selfies).

Turn into the street and after 300m, you should land onto the front of Fujin Tree 353 Café. Otherwise, take a cab from city centre – it shouldn’t be too costly.

My first impression of Fujin Tree Café was its leafy and shadowy exterior that made for a great flatlay of food (Sorry, instagrammer talk).

Every part of the cafe had been carefully designed, and attention was paid to details.

Otherwise, just sip on some Okinawan coffee while people watching. FYI, café owner Berg Wu is the Barista Champion of Taiwan in 2014.

Like the typical indie cafes in Taipei, the average artisan coffee costs around TWD150-200 (SGD6.65 – SGD8.90).

There is a variety of Espresso based coffee, Pourover Coffee, Tea, Varlhona Chocolate beverages.

Selection of food is limited though. You can choose from a Pork Ham with Coby Jack Cheese and Salad Sandwich (TWD190, SGD8.40), or Salami with Coby and Salami with Coby Jack Cheese and Salad (TWD190, SGD8.40).

Popular dessert choices would be the Castella (TWD190, SGD8.40), Tiramisu (TWD220, SGD9.80) and Green Tea Roll Cake (TWD170, SGD7.50).

I ordered a Mocha and Caramel Latte (TWD170 each, SGD7.50). Both cuppas were well brewed, probably one of the better cuppas ones I had in Taipei.

The Green Tea Roll Cake (TWD170, SGD7.50) is a must-have for desserts. Made using Morihan Kyoto Uji Matcha powder known for its premium grade quality, it was both moist and airy.

While the sandwich was only decent, the meal certainly ended on a good note.

Fujin Tree 353 Cafe by simple kaffa is that place to sit outdoor, sip your coffee while people-watching.

It may take much effort to travel and walk to this part of Taipei, but this burgeoning hipster neighbourhood will surprise, and pull you back soon rather than later.

The ambience is nothing quite like the ordinary.

Fujin Tree 353 Cafe by simple kaffa 富錦樹353咖啡
富錦店 台北市松山區富錦街353號
353 Fujin Street, Taipei (Songshan Airport Station)
Tel: +886 2 2749 5225
Opening Hours: 9am – 9pm (Mon – Sun)
Google Maps

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* Written by Guest Writer @Shauneeie, edited by @DanielFoodDiary Looking for the best places to eat? Let @Shauneeie help you.


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