Some of the new cafes and restaurants in Singapore can be described as “pattern more than badminton”.

You may not quite imagine this garden meets traditional Chinese teahouse interior restaurant serving Sichuan cuisine AND cocktails, nestled (pardon the pun) at Amoy Street.

Called Birds Of A Feather. In Singapore, anything also can.

This is an all-day dining, cafe and bar near the CBD at Amoy Street. The interior reminded me of a Chinese poetry or calligraphy house, somewhat in the likes of Du Fu Thatched Cottage at Chengdu.

Except this is also very contemporary and hipster.

The concept did take inspiration from Chengdu, which is said to have parks, cafes and tea houses on every city street corner. (Should I make a visit back again?)

Birds Of A Feather is owned by the owners of Good Wood Coffee – a café chain at Chengdu.

The offerings are contemporary Western cuisine with a pronounced Sichuan influence, including lighter options such as Roasted Chicken & Avocado Salad with Szechuan pepper, Charcoal Roasted Romaine Lettuce with Fried Tofu Cheese Ball and Sesame dressing.

Or the intriguing sounding Tofu Burger with Mapo Meat Sauce ($22), Oriental Bolagnaise ($20) of angel hair pasta, pork ragout, onsen tamago which is interpreted from Cha Jiang Mian, and Birds Signature Burger ($30) of charcoal grilled beef patty, foie gras, cheddar, carmelised onion, with a chilli soy tapenade inspired by Szechuan Dou Pan Jiang.

Okay, slightly on the expensive side.

I had the Find The Chicken in The Chiliies ($16). Actually, they should just call the dish as it is, “La Zi Ji” – marinated deep fried chicken pieces stir fried with Sichuan chilli peppers.

NOT as spicy and ‘mala’ as those in Chengdu, but this would be enough for your chopsticks to keep reaching out, addictive with that faint kick of spiciness to trigger your taste buds.

The Crispy Pork Trotter in a Bag ($12 for 5 pieces) was a fun snack where the fatty meats would be shaken like “shake shake fries” with a salty, tad spicy powder.

Good on the first bite, too fatty for me otherwise (sorry, really watching cholesterol levels.)

Birds Of A Feather is a fun, not so predictable place, and the multitude of greenery adds a level of calmness (ironically in a bar). Can possibly get some colleagues and friends to, well, flock there together.

Birds Of A Feather
113 Amoy Street Singapore 069935
Tel: +65 6221 7449
Opening Hours: 10am – 11pm Daily

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