[NEW] High-end Paragon Mall has quite a new food outlets, one of them is Amiral Atelier, a cakes and chocolate cafe.

The name “Amiral Atelier” may not stick that obviously or have easy recall, but it represents the street where the Pastry Chef Sae lived during her days in Paris.

“Amiral” pays ode to where her journey began, and now continues half way around the world.

Some may not know Amiral Aterlier is under the Dulcet and Studio (Liang Court). Also owned by Tampopo Restaurant.

Yeah, that pork katsu place.

The Japanese-French inspired café offers cakes, tarts, eclairs and choux, with a small selection of beverages such as black coffee, cold brew tea and matcha tea.

Expect the likes of Fig Éclair ($7.50), Vanilla Rum Slice, Gateau de Voyage Chocolate ($9.50), Chocolate Mousse Cake with Coffee and Caramel ($8.50), and Matcha Brownie.

To be honest, I have visited the café 3 times, to the extent that my friend would ask “Why do you go back so many times if the first time failed?”

I just wanted to give a chance because I liked the space, and the staff was warm and sincere.

The Matcha Brownie ($6.50) I had was HARD and dry, not to the extent of rock-hard, but the fork couldn’t even go through easily. I asked for a knife in the end, and that still took me a while to cut through.

The Fig Éclair, scoring high in terms of aesthetics and an interesting tangy-fig cream in the middle. However, the choux dough was dry and not exactly appetising for a pastry-specialty place.

Considering that the cakes are freshly made in house, I suspect that it had to do with the refrigeration and temperature of the display counter.

Their Chocolate Bon Bons were delicately delicious though. Would have wanted to love this place more. Hope they iron out their weaknesses soon.

Amiral Atelier
Paragon Shopping Centre B1-25 Singapore
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

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