”Fasta Fasta…” This is what your boss will tell you always, or when you need to hurry your friend for the bus/train/plane.

Corny jokes aside, Fasta is a fusion pasta cafe located in South Beach Avenue, one of the first few eateries to open at this new lifestyle destination.

Fast + Pasta = Fasta. Get it?

The no-frills eatery serves interesting pasta dishes to cater to busy office-workers and casual shoppers in the vicinity.

There are two menus: Warm Bowls and Cold Bowls, and the recommended are the Scallop Wallop Pasta ($10.50), Shio Ba Mee ($9.00), Chickinaki ($9.00) and cold pastas of Smokey Quacky Ducky ($8.50) and Unbelievable ($8.00).

You choose from a range of pastas, grains, meats and sides to create your own fun Fasta bowl.

Prices are friendly – I like.

The entire premise of “innovative pasta” reminds me of Ah Bong Italian, though Fasta appears more hip, while Ah Bong seems more down-to-earth.

I liked the Scallop Wallop Pasta ($10.50) in terms of how the crab meat, diced roma tomato combine well together with the pasta. The drizzle of yuzu dressing added a surprise element towards the end of every bite.

The only drawback was the pan seared scallop, which was much too salty.

The Shio Ba Mee ($9.00) of Roasted Pork Belly and Semi-Dried Tomato with pasta was a noteworthy take.

The pork belly slices on their own were yummy – tender, succulent, good bite, and I could imagine this going well with a bowl of rice.

On pasta with a sweetish-char-siew-sauce like base…. May need some time to get used to, or can feel loaded after a few bites.

Fasta purports to serve pasta under 5 minutes.

I timed, and both ordered took about 9 minutes. It was not that big a difference, but could have some effective service recovery then.

When the server asked “How is it?”, I only answered ”Okay lor” because that was exactly how I felt that moment in time.

Good stuff, though no major surprises. Yet.

6 Beach Road, South Beach Avenue, B1-23 Singapore 189768 (Esplanade MRT Exit F)
Opening hours: 11am – 8pm (Mon – Sat), Closed Sun

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