A Korean Cafe called Oh My (not to be confused with Oh My Tian opens at Westgate basement 1, and it doesn’t just sell bingsu (finally).

Though I am not entirely sure what its main focus is, yet.

Oh My Café serves up a smattering of cakes, soda beverages called “Nade” (LemoNADE, get it?), light bulb drinks, yogurt in bottles and coffee.

There is a snack shop / minimart at the back of the café, though you may actually walk and miss it. If you are suddenly in need of Korean cup noodles and groceries at Westgate, you know where to go.

So the practical-Singaporean may just ask: What does this sell actually?

If you walk past the café, the general impression is that it is banking on the presentation of the containers, rather than the actual content.

The current IN-drink (or container) is this “light bulb drinks”.

This Korean café goes a step further. There is literally LIGHT in their straws (don’t worry about getting electrocuted while drinking.)

Their beverages are brightly coloured (hmmmmm), think White Grape Lemonade, Blue Lemonade, Yuzu Nade, Grape Fruit Nade, and Omija Nade, priced at $5.40. They sell the containers in bulk too.

I was initially hesitant in ordering the cakes, as they were haphazardly cut, and didn’t look appetizing on display.

To its credit, the Hummingbird Cake, a banana pineapple spiced cake, was surprisingly moderately moist, and actually quite tasty. From a supplier though.

My concern is, Instagram trends come and go.

Local diners would appreciate more substantial food. Faced with limitations of a lack of kitchen, a café with potential like Oh My Cafe, has to quickly look at having more signature food or an expanded menu.

Oh My Café
Westgate #B1-01 3 Gateway Drive Singapore 608532

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  1. So Sweet, I love the space of this restaurant which can help customers to be comfortable to sit it and maybe people can spend 2 – 3 hours to talk each other at this place. Thanks

  2. Very disappointed with the service.
    Many tables were not cleaned up; we had to clear & clean the table ourselves.
    We ordered couple of items on the same order. We were called upon many times to pick up our individual items. Why can’t they just call us once to pick up all the items on the same order all at one time. We had to make many trips.
    When the greentea bingsu arrived, another disappointment. Mainly ice shavings very little green tea sauce. Cappuccino has no cocoa toppings.


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