Popular Korean dessert shop Kiss The Tiramisu has opened at Singapore in Orchard Gateaway.

The dessert which hails from Hong Dae is known to combine the classic Italian Tiramisu and softserve in a single cup.

Here is what the fascination is all about: The ‘tiramisu’ is served in a takeaway golden-rimmed wine glass (looks more class for Instagram), and filled with layers of ingredients.

Mascarpone cheese at the bottom, ice cream, crushed cookies, coffee liquor, cocoa powder, mascarpone, THEN soft serve, MORE cocoa powder and ended with chocolate shavings grated on the spot.

Here’s my take: Not ALL Korean franchisers which come to Singapore naturally do well. And I reckon there is a thing or two to learn from these experiences.

One in particular, had enormously long queues during the 1st two days, but the lines disappeared faster than the hype.

The other seemingly popular dessert kiosk, somewhat had a small initial build-up, but in F&B business… sustainability is more important.

I admittedly didn’t cheong (rushed) down to try the local Kiss The Tiramisu. My other friends did. So I ask, ”How ah?”

Friend 1 said his softserve was already melting even before the sauce was drizzled on. HE HAD TO BUY ANOTHER to photograph. (Things people do for Instagram.)

Friend 2 (a popular Indonesian blogger) mentioned the same, but he didn’t bother to buy the second.

Moral of the story: Not everyone gives the 2nd chance. (But some do lah. I will if I feel for the shop.) In the same way that people remember kisses. The first kiss is SO IMPORTANT.

The first time I had Kiss The Tiramisu was at 35 degree hot Siam Square Bangkok. Twirl was tall and beautiful, could last for 2 to 3 minutes under the hot sun.

The local franchisee explained that in Singapore, they use the same recipe in Korea, meaning to say a high milk content in proportion to the ice cream base powder volume. This would create a milkier texture, but the ice cream may not hold up so well in our weather.

Fast melting softserve aside…

The beauty of Kiss The Tiramisu is definitely not just about the product itself, but the process on how it is made. In Korea, you can kind of observe how it is assembled by energetic staff, which is an experience in itself.

Kiss The Tiramisu Singapore is located at a rather obscure corner, next to Dazzling Café, diagonally opposite Kanshoku Ramen.

If you had to pick a choice between the Original, Banana and Berries, go for the classic flavour. It would be a safe choice, and there would be more layers and intricacies to make you feel it is more worth it.

With no offence intended to either party, I thought the milky-smooth texture reminded me of Milk Cow.

Which reminded me, Honey Creme not too far away at 313 @ Somerset opened to much fan-fare. You must give credit to its PR company back then.

Opening a shop now is not just about getting a good brand. Customers have choices aplenty. Start it right, and start it tall.

Kiss The Tiramisu
277 Orchard Road #01-15 Orchard Gateway Singapore 238858 (Somerset MRT)
Opening Hours: 10:30am – 10:30pm

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