Known for its fantastic view of the CBD and quality contemporary Chinese cuisine Crystal Jade Prestige at Marina Bay Financial Centre (MBFC) has been popular for its corporate lunches, dinner sets and weekend dim sum brunches.

The restaurant has recently refreshed their menu. Good excuse to make a return visit.

Some of the highlights: New specialty creations, recommended dishes from Michelin starred restaurant Crystal Jade Golden Palace, more dim sum items, and a Signature Weekend Brunch.

Here are some 10 things you can try from the NEW menu of Crystal Jade Prestige

Prestige Signature Dim Sum Platter ($10.80 for 4 items)
Let’s start with the dim sum.

Many Chinese restaurants are stepping up their game for more intricate and aesthetically attractive dim sum items, and I think Crystal Jade Prestige got that balance right.

These not only looked delightfully-good (ie instagrammable), taste was not compromised as well.

This basket of four contained Prawn & Carrot Dumpling with Black Truffle, Assorted Mushroom Dumpling, Osmanthus Dumpling with Prawn and Celery, and Water Chestnut Dumpling with Olive and Parsley.

The orange-coloured goldfish-shaped Mushroom Dumpling might remind many of Pokemon’s Magikarp (SO CUTE, I know), and my favourite of the four was the Truffle Dumpling.

Admittedly, it had a combination that I liked – bite of the prawns, crunch of the carrot and the unique savour of truffle. Almost felt as though I was having amuse-bouche from a European restaurant.

The ladies at the table enjoy the Osmanthus Dumpling for that light floral trace.

Steamed Pandan Bun with Green Tea Custard ($6.80 for 4)
My weakness and I will tell you why.

I have always been a fan of liu sha bao, even before its popularity spread in Singapore.

Now, this Crystal Jade Prestige fluffy steamed pandan buns contained MATCHA custard, which would ooze like molten lava. When I took a bite…

”Is there SALTED EGG Yolk?”

Yes, there were traces. Not too much, but enough to elevate the taste. Awesome.

Chilled Organic Tomatoes with Sesame Sauce ($10.80)
I didn’t pay much attention to this starter initially, ”Isn’t it just cherry tomatoes”

That was before I took a bite.

Then I realised that each sweet juicy cherry tomato would arrive with a pleasing burst of fragrant and savoury sesame within.

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity, as each tomato would be hollowed and injected with the special sauce.

Uncontrollably addictive. I finished half the plate alone.

Prestige Pipa Duck ($18 for reg, $28 for half, $48 for whole)
There are two new ducks to the menu – the Classic Pipa Duck and the Prestige Pipa Duck.

Preparation of these ducks were so laborious!

The chef explained that the ducks were first ‘butterflied’ ie wedged between bamboo to allow flavours of the 10-hour homemade spice blend marinate to better penetrate in.

That was not over.

The ducks would then be blanched, basted with golden maltose sugar and vinegar, air-dried for another 10 hours, before roasted to a crisp finish. WAH.

I got to think the effort was worth it. The glowing outer layer was paper-crisp, carrying with it flavours of sweet-saltiness that reminded me of the hoisin sauce used in Peking Ducks.

Between the two, I preferred the Prestige Pipa Duck which was tastier, brushed with additional coat of fermented beancurd sauce before roasting.

If you are torn with decision-making, get the best of both worlds Duo Platter ($48).

Signature Fried Rice ($20 for small, $30 for medium, $40 for large)
Pleasurable, comfort food. Fried rice.

While it seemed like this plate didn’t contain the typical meats or expensive ingredients, there were still ‘treasures’ to be found inside.

Spring onions, egg, finely-chopped salted fish… and chai po aka diced homemade pickled radish.

Stir-Fried Assorted Mushrooms with Basil In Claypot ($22 for small, $33 for medium, $44 for large)
A comforting dish, especially if you liked all sorts of mixed mushroom in a saucy combination.

Coconut Jelly with Fresh Milk in Coconut ($8.80)
A refreshing chilled dessert. After you are done with the sweet cooling fresh milk, you can further dig into the coconut flesh.

I almost thought this contained bird’s nest (but the price should have been a lot higher, LOL), till I realised that slippery ingredient was coconut jelly.

Chilled Yellow Cream Crab in Teochew Style ($11 for 100g)
The new menu has also included a couple of “Michelin Highlights” from its sister restaurant, Crystal Jade Golden Palace which has been awarded a Michelin star in the inaugural Singapore guide.

That is good news for Teochew cuisine lovers, because you will enjoy some of the signatures here.

Chilled Yellow Cream Crab is one of them, where the crustacean would be served the Teochew way – steamed, chilled, served cold, dipped in black vinegar.

Check out that decadent, rich roe. Slurp.

Sugar Coated Yam ($13)
A traditional Teochew dessert dish, where yam sticks are deep fried, coated with caramelised sugar.

Other ‘Michelin-dishes’ include Sautéed Fresh Crab Meat and Egg White ($38 for small, $57 for medium, $76 for large) and Baked Lamb Rack with Red Wine and Black Pepper ($19 per person).

Crystal Jade Prestige has also launched two 6-course Michelin Set Menus at $58 and $68 per person (min 2 persons).

The set menus include the highlights from Michelin-starred Crystal Jade Golden Palace, such as Crackling Suckling Pig Roll with Black Truffle Rice, Prestige Signature Dim Sum Platter and Pan-Fried Angus Beef Fillet.

The Crackling Suckling Pig Roll with Black Truffle Rice is a ‘rice roulade’ 饭卷 ($16.80/pc, $148/half or $288/whole) – a crunchy brown outer layer with plump grains of Japanese short-grain pearl rice densely packed inside.

After eating, you would realise the ‘skin’ is actually suckling pig crackling. The rice was flavourful, cooked with abalone sauce and infused with truffle for that aromatic whiff.

(Jadeite members, DBS/POSB cardmembers and Standard Chartered Bank cardholders enjoy $10 of the Dinner Set Menus. Till 31 Dec 2016. T&C applies.)

Crystal Jade Prestige
8A Marina Boulevard, Marina Bay Financial Centre
(Ground Plaza, entrance via lift on ground floor to L2) #02-01, Singapore 018984 (Downtown MRT)
Tel: +65 6509 9493
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 3pm, 6pm – 10:30pm (Mon – Fri), 11am – 3:30pm, 6pm – 10:30pm (Sat, Sun, PH)

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