Here are some 10 NEW Korean restaurants in Singapore (less than a year). Some are popular brands which has opened new branches, whereas some are quite unheard of – unless you walk up and down Tanjong Pagar regularly.

It is slightly more challenging to compile openings of Korean restaurants because many do not explicitly promote on social media, and still depend on word-of-mouth.

So let me know if you come across any NEW Korean restaurants in Singapore. (By the way, after Doctors, I am watching Jealousy Incarnate. SO GOOD, I am hooked. Thank you all for recommendations.)

313@Somerset B3, 313 Orchard Road Singapore 238895
Tel: +65 6634 1840
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 10pm

Specialty: Dakgalbi
Yoogane has been known for its Dakgalbi stir-fried spicy chicken. This is its 3rd outlet, after Bugis Junction and Westgate.

One of my favourites is the Cheese Chicken Galbi ($55.90). This contains the signature tender chicken meat marinated in the unique Yoogane sauce marinate, fresh vegetables, rice cakes and thin slices of potato, surrounded by a layer of melted cheese.

I have the feeling that the younger customer base would take delight in this, as pieces of chicken chunks can be coated with melty, sketchy cheese for that extra oomph.

What’s This
87 Killiney Road Singapore 239533z
Tel: +65 6734 3010
Opening Hours: 10am – 12pm

Specialty: BBQ and Fried Chicken
Miss Korea by Supulae closed at Killiney Road, and in comes in another Korean Restaurant What’s This? Yeah, the name is What’s This?

The Master Chef is said to be a celebrity chef Alex Kim.

Food looked quite authentic, and you can look forward to some Korean Fried Chicken ($14 – $15 for 4 pieces, which was quite the yums), Barbecue, Hot Pot ($13 – $48), KimBob ($10.50 – $22) and Ramen ($12.50 – $13.50).

Can get slightly too smoky, so we had to sit outside.

8 Korean BBQ
1 Scotts Road, Shaw Centre, #04-20/21, Singapore 228208
Tel: +65 9018 9212
Opening Hours: 1130am – 230pm, last order at 2pm; 530pm – 1030pm, last order at 10pm (Mon – Fri) 1130am – 1030pm (Sat – Sun)

Specialty: BBQ
8 Korean BBQ at Clarke Quay Central has opened another branch at Shaw Centre.

Their signature is the Hungarian Mangalitsa Pork Belly, where you can savour 8 different flavours of this pork – Original, wine, ginseng, garlic, herb, curry, miso, and red pepper paste.

Other than the 8 Colours Set ($98, good for 3-4 pax), there are the 4 Colours Set ($58, good for 2 pax), Kimcheese Fried Rice ($20) and Big Hog Plate ($45) which are recommended.

Service was prompt and personable. I tried the Army Stew ($24), which was diluted, and I think you could save some money and calories there.

Seoul Jjimdak
City Square Mall #05-04, Singapore 208539
Tel: +65 6634 2668
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 10:00pm
Reserve Online Now – Seoul Jjimdak

Specialty: Jjimdak and Army Stew
Seoul Jjimdak has just opened at City Square Mall Level 5, specialising in Jjimdak, Army Stew and other Korean side dishes. The best part is, prices are affordable for its quantity and quality.

The signature Seoul Jjimdak ($36.90) is a pot of generous portions of braised succulent chicken (available with bones or boneless), potatoes, carrots, onions, dried chillis and with chewy glass potato noodles, great for sharing between 2 to 4 people.

I personally preferred the Army Stew ($36.90) between the two main ‘stars’. Seoul Jjimdak’s take is probably one of my favourites available in Singapore for its slurp-worthy homemade kimchi stew base and price. (There is a special promo price at $23.90 now for lunch, including weekends!)

The Gogi
Alexandra Central Mall #03-01, 321 Alexandra Road Singapore 159971
Tel: +65 6250 3119
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 3pm lunch, 5:30pm – 10pm dinner

Specialty: Family Style Dishes
Authentic Korean BBQ restaurant The Gogi at Alexandra Central Mall. Unfortunately, this mall is lacks foot traffic (ie very quiet) and businesses there are not in the radar.

The Budae Jungol ($35 for M, $45 for L) Korean style army stew was packed with the usual ingredients of sausages, spam, tofu, mushroom, rice cakes and ramen noodles.

I liked that brand of noodles they were using (must find out the next time), though wished there was some kind of sliced meat somewhere.

The other dishes such as such as the Dolsot Bibimbap ($15) and Soondubu Jjjigae ($15) soft tofu stew with seafood were above average in terms of freshness of ingredients and presentation. (Read: The Gogi)

Kko Kko Chicken Bar
48 Kandahar Street Singapore 198899
Tel: +65 6391 9717
Opening Hours: 12pm – 11pm (Mon – Sun)

Specialty: Fried Chicken

Many Korean lovin’ foodies should be familiar with Kko Kko Nara, but few would know they actually opened a Chicken Bar concept at Kandahar Street (near Arab Street).

Their food menu is similar to Kko Kko Nara, but the Chicken Bar KO is focused on their drinks menu with offerings such as Soju Cocktail.

The restaurant has a mixture of bar concept that consists of three different floors with its unique design and theme – 1st floor bar themed, 2nd floor Korean and Japanese themed, and 3rd floor exclusive for VIPs. Nope, haven’t been up there.

Chicken wings and parts are still available in 4 different flavors – original, garlic soy sauce, sweet & spicy, and hot & spicy. The popular is the garlic soy sauce which is made by hand-crushed garlic and 41 kinds other of ingredient (wah, more than the other famous chicken shop.

Hoodadak Korean Fusion Dining Room
Fusionopolis Galaxis #01-10, 1 Fusionopolis Place Singapore 138522 (One North MRT)
Opening Hours: 11am – 3pm, 5pm – 10pm (Mon – Sat), Closed Sun

Specialty: Modern Korean Food
This is one of those under-the-radar Korean restaurants, with food on point, but yet few people talk about them.

Okay, guilty. I didn’t write about Hoodadak, even though I have dined there a couple of times.

The Korean Fried Drumstick ($15) and Wings ($13) were the-yums, available in original, soya sauce, spicy soya sauce, and yangnyum flavours. Crispy, tantalisingly marinated, juicy – and I mean really juicy (at least those times I ordered).

If you go for lunch, try some of their rice and noodle dishes such as Kimchi Fried Rice ($11), Carbonara Noodle ($10), Seafood Spicy Noodle ($10), and Spicy Chicken Noodle ($10). Salivating just thinking about it.

Vatos Urban Tacos
South Beach Quarter, 36 Beach Road Singapore 189767
Tel: +65 63856010
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 11pm (Mon – Thurs), 11:30am – 12am (Fri – Sat)

Specialty: Mexican-Korean Fusion Food
CNN reviewed Vatos Urban Tacos as “the hottest new restaurant in Seoul” when it first opened.

In Singapore, not quite the same story. Opps.

VATOS serves up Korean-Mexican (Ko-Mex) style of cuisine, started by three Korean-Americans. Therefore, we can expect food to be in the likes of their signature Kimchi Carnitas Fries ($16); Galbi Short Rib Tacos ($12 for 2 tacos, $17 for 3), Kimchi Pork ($18), and Mango Prawn Quesadillas ($22).

The Kimchi Carnitas Fries ($16) was voted the “best dish in Korea” by 10 Magazine and one of the “six must-try foods in Seoul” by The Fodor’s Travel Guide.

I like some of the items, but wished it was a few dollars off its price.

Paik’s Bibim
Tiong Bahru Plaza #02-11, 302 Tiong Bahru Road Singapore 168732
Other branches: Bedok Mall, NTU, Vivocity, City Link Mall, Mapletree Business City, JEM

Specialty: Bibimbap
Bibimbap is a representative Korean food that you would find in many family style restaurants, but Paik’s Bibim is dedicated in specialising in this one dish.

I enjoy this as a fuss-free casual meal, hopefully heathier, as some selections contain a lot of greens mixed with Gochujang sauce.

Popular options include Beef Bulgogi ($8.50), Teriyaki Chicken ($8.50), Woosamgyup ($8.90), and Seafood ($8.90).

Tanjong Pocha
60 Tanjong Pagar Singapore 088481
Tel: +65 6221 7241
Opening Hours: 6pm – 7am

Specialty: Pocha
NOT to be confused with Wangdaebak Pocha at Amoy Street. “Pocha” means “Korean street food wagon”.

The primary focus here is grilled meats, seafood and sticks. Sets include Sam Gyup ($49), Deung Galbi ($52) and Doei Ji Gal Bi ($49) – pork belly, baby back ribs and spare ribs respectively.

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