[Bangkok] Kiss The Tiramisu is the instagrammable, popular dessert that comes from Hongdae South Korea. This is softserve ice cream + tiramisu, served in a gold-rimmed plastic cup.

The dessert shop started at Siam Square Soi 3, and there was almost always a constant flow of youths grabbing and going their golden cups.

They have recently opened up more branches, at Central World Level 3, EmQuartier, and Central Plaza Ladphrao Ground Floor.

Like all food trends, the heat is also slowing down.

Re-modelled after the traditional tiramisu, mascarpone cheese goes to the bottom, followed by soft serve ice cream, crushed cookies, coffee liquor, cocoa powder, topped with more mascarpone, finished with a twirl of soft serve.

The final touch was beautiful – chocolate shaved in front of your eyes as the concluding topping.

Each cup cost 159 baht (SGD$6.20) with original, and seasonal banana and strawberry options. Pricey in Bangkok’s context.

My take: Okay, okay.

It is a more interesting, and varied version of the typical softserve, somewhat like eating dessert in a cup.

But the Banamisu version I had recently was close to horrid, artificially tasting, and too sweet. Stick to the original.

The weather didn’t exactly help, and so SHOOT IT FAST for your IG, before it would melt into a pile of mess.

Good news for Singapore anyway. Kiss The Tiramisu, after a long wait, is FINALLY going to open at Orchard Gateway come 14th October (Friday).

Did it wait too long? Reason for saying so is, a chiong version is being sold at a shop right opposite, but response has been more lukewarm than anything.

How will Kiss The Tiramisu Singapore fare? Especially after the initial hype dies down.

Kiss The Tiramisu
Central World Level 3, 999/9 Rama I Road 10330 Thailand

Other Branches:
Siam Square Soi 3, Emquartier Foodhall, Central Plaza Ladphrao Ground Floor

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