Opened by the folks behind Ninja Bowl at Duxton Road, Ninja Cut has taken over SELA Restaurant beside Bridge Cafe at Seah Street.

Within 5 months after opening Ninja Bowl, the smooth-talking owner Darren Wee who happens to be former Power 98FM DJ, has opened his 4th F&B outlet.

That is some Ninja speed!

His Astronaut Group has gone on a roll, from Chillax Café (Serangoon Gardens), Babette (Tyrwhitt Road), Ninja Bowl (Duxton Road), to the current Ninja Cut.

A suggestion: How about Ninja Van next? (Think only guys who been through army will get this.)

Is Ninja Cut another Fruit Ninja game that requires you to swipe, slice and cut the fruits?

Oh, we only see people swiping their phones these days to throw Pokeballs instead. (All right, pardon this.)

Question: How different is Ninja Cut from Ninja Bowl?

We observed some similarities in their dishes such as Salmon Poke and Tuna Tataki with slightly different toppings.

While the latter is Japanese inspired with nihon names for their bowls such as Geisha, Genki and Yasai, the former offers a larger variety of bowls that are more substantial in portion.

Priced between $14 and $18, additional top up is available at $2 for Ninja Rice, Soba or Garden Greens, and $3 for Quinoa.

Apart from bowls, all day brunch is available.

We spotted some interesting items such as Oceans of Mentaiko ($18) with Hokkaido scallops, New Zealand mussels and prawns and Marvellous Matcha ($16).

The Waikiki Surf ($16), which means surfing in fresh water in the Hawaiian language, came with yuzu marinated salmon poke, aburi avocado, cherry tomatoes, sakura ebi and onsen egg which is present in all the bowls.

While the generous chunks of salmon poke were fresh, bouncy and citrusy (from the yuzu marinate), the sakura ebi reminded us of hae bee hiam (dried shrimps) with a delicate spicy kick, also well balanced.

Being matcha lovers, we could not give the Marvellous Matcha ($16) a miss.

This Marvellous Matcha was filled with a green tea fondant, baked to a crisp at 200 degrees Celsius, then topped with a dollop of ricotta cheese and adorned with pretty edible flowers, shortbread crumble and homemade dango.

As the dish is created to order, it has a 15 to 20-minute waiting time.

The dessert reminded us of the Matcha Lava Cake from Babette.

Except that this is “upsized” – Matcha Lava Cake transformed into a Matcha “hotcake”.

And yesssss, it oozed like a lava cake.

While the crumble gave an additional crunch, what we loved was the yuzu peel for the refreshing taste, and the overall combination was not too jelak (rich).

Just a suggestion, the dango (Japanese rice flour ball) was pretty tough like atap seeds, perhaps a softer one would fit better?

Even though we were more or less impressed with the dishes there, and intrigued with the Pomegranate Oolong ($7) and Raspberry Nectar ($7) under the Tea section, we couldn’t hide our disappointment when we saw the cup with the tea bag.

Perhaps serving in a tea pot to keep the tea warm?

Using Ninja Bowl as an ‘experiment ground’ probably did well for the group – the food and presentation at Ninja Cut did make the cut. A Ninja Slash next?

Ninja Cut
32 Seah Street, Singapore 188388
Opening Hours: 9.30am – 7.30pm (Mon – Fri), 9am – 6pm (Sat-Sun)

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* Written by Nicholas Tan @stormscape. Visit his instagram for all things [NEW].



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