Singapore YouTuber TheJianHaoTan has 500,000 subscribers, more than 100,000 million views on his channel, and has just opened a dessert café Woow at Plaza Singapura.

What were we doing at 23? (Back then at 23, I didn’t think I had a clear direction in life.)

The young people I met can fall into two categories; those who dream, and those who work for their dreams. Jianhao clearly works very hard.

WooW serves up multi-coloured shaved ice, where you can choose the flavoured snow, ice cream and toppings. Think about it as a cross between bingsu and ice kachang.

Jianhao revealed that he wanted a one of a kind concept, and did not want to go into bingsu.

The idea of having a physical store had been in his mind since 4 years ago (That’s 19). He would also like this to be a venture where he can hang out with his fans and viewers.

Do not be surprised if you would see him taking orders and sweeping the floor there one day. He said it was therapeutic.

The name “WooW” came about as he hoped that would be the feeling his customers would have, somewhat like “woah”, “wah” and “wow”.

WooW is conspicuously located outside Plaza Singapura, in a rainbow-coloured store front, many seats with some board games on tables. But still a bit hot lah.

The owner probably understood his target audience well, hiring “WooW angels” aka sweet young xiao mei mei and a cute shy boy as service staff.

Flavours available include Strawberry Blizzard, Mango Suncup, Yuki Yuzu, Apple Avalanche, Cotton Candy, Taro Thunderstorm (all priced $8.90) and the signature WooW Rainbow Snow ($12.90).

Before I go on, the disclaimer is that Uncle Daniel is already of a certain age (probably not WooW’s target audience). Yes, I am trying my very best to cut down sugar.

So it wasn’t surprisingly at all that the dessert turned out to be too sweet for me.

The good thing about the Rainbow Snow is that you could try all the layered flavours quite distinctly, and I liked the purple Taro best because it just tasted more real than the others.

68 Orchard Road #01-K1 Singapore 238839
Tel: +65 6336 3633
Opening Hours: 11am – 10:30pm

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